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Nutrition Solutions for Beef Cattle

When beef producers and nutritionists need help reaching production potential, they can look to Kemin for help. Kemin supports customers by providing superior nutritional benefits for every stage of life. Increasing performance, improving health and reducing environmental impacts while meeting the animals' nutritional needs leads to increased profitability. Science-backed nutritional solutions are essential in preventing performance issues before they occur. 

Minerals for beef nutrition

Trace minerals play a critical role in meeting nutritional requirements for beef cattle. The metabolic functions of beef cattle need minerals to support growth, development, immune function and reproductive performance. Bioavailable minerals need to be supplemented to support the hemostatic state of the animal during all phases of life. KemTRACE® Chromium and KemTRACE® Zinc are staples to meet nutritional requirements in beef cattle diets, as recommended by the National Research Council (NRC).

Kemin Solutions

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