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Introducing Proprevia™ N 100 LQ -  A new generation shrimp protein hydrolysate with unique bioactive peptides that extends the possibilities for aquafeed manufacturers.

Proprevia™ N 100 LQ stimulates the chemo-sensory mechanism of shrimps and fishes to increase feed intake and improve feed efficiency. Derived from shrimp processing, Proprevia™ N 100 LQ is 100% natural and designed to improve health and survival.

Proprevia™ N 100 LQ 

Stimulate fish and shrimp appetite. Improve feed intake.

Rich in low molecular weight substances, Proprevia™ N 100 LQ eases absorption across the intestinal membrane, resulting in improved feed efficiency. Proprevia™ N 100 LQ is a new generation shrimp protein hydrolysate with unique bioactive peptides that improve immunity, health, and survival.

The balanced profile of Proprevia™ N 100 LQ provides optimal palatability and other functional benefits to enable feed mill operators and farmers to raise the healthiest aqua species. Proprevia™ N 100 LQ with better growth helps farmers achieve higher economic profitability while optimizing sustainability by softening fish meal dependence on aquafeed formulations. 

Improve Feed Attractability and Palatability with Proprevia™ N 100 LQ 



  •  Stimulates smell sense of target species and increases feed intake
  • 100% natural origin and improved traceability
  • Contains high-quality proteins with over 95% digestibility
  • High-quality product free from OIE listed pathogens and commonly found containments such as heavy metal and plastic
  • Rich in nutrients, especially low molecular weight peptides that aid absorption
  • Can also be used as an alternative to fish meal



  • All-round improvement in feed efficiency through improved nutrients absorption that accelerates growth 
  • Achieve optimal health status of shrimp and fishes by improving overall immunity and reducing stress
  • Improved return on investments
  • A scientifically developed product that balances the objectives of improving feed efficiency, lower costs, and sustainability
  • Optimal utilization of shrimp processing to reduce the burden on the environment and improve sustainability


Through innovation, Kemin Aquascience™ is moving the aquaculture value chain from linear to circular. We work to ensure the utilization of by-products from shrimp processing with a combination of the state-of-the-art manufacturing process, closed-loop production, and a well-executed, traceable system.

Achieve improved feed efficiency and a higher return on investments by using Proprevia™ N 100 LQ to improve immunity, health, and survival of the species.


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About Kemin AquaScienceTM

Kemin is a market leader with an established safety record and the regulatory approvals necessary to provide quality products to aqua feed and feed ingredient customers. Our rigorous quality control and regulatory approach demonstrate our commitment to safety, sustainability, and science. We've been developing solutions for the animal production industry since 1961, and we're ready to turn our focus on research and innovation in the aquaculture industry, providing dedicated resources to help our customers better manage their challenges and achieve profitable production:

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Customer Laboratory Services (CLS): A dedicated team of scientists working on your side helps you identify problem areas and confirm product efficacy throughout all phases of the purchasing and product usage process. Our dedicated analytical laboratory team can test potentially harmful agents like mold and mycotoxins and share valuable knowledge to enable customers to improve quality and overall performance.

Product Application Department (PAD): Comprised of trusted, reliable engineers, the PAD department has years of industry experience to help you achieve the precise application of liquid ingredients. PAD engineers are dedicated to designing application systems and overseeing system fabrication, installation, training, and maintenance. We'll assist you in applying these products to your specific system for the highest success rate.


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Hydrolyzed Bioactive Proteins for shrimps and fishes

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