Appeal to your customers with Valena in the mix.

At Kemin, we understand healthy plants need more than just care as they grow – they need a great start with the best possible growing media. 

Valena™ is a NOVEL FERTILIZER and sustainable solution for growing media manufacturers.

In the race to find the most innovative and groundbreaking soil enhancements for your plants, you may run into many trendy soil formulas that various industry players promote. You want something new and innovative, but also something that's been rigorously tested and comes from a company you can trust.


Valena is a natural material derived from Euglena gracilis, a paramylon-rich type of unicellular algae that, when added in the growing media, primes the soil for optimal plant growth. 

Because your customers - young plant growers - deserve the highest quality media foundation; Valena offers novel options for researchers searching for new ideas and innovative solutions to build new formulas.



Distinguish yourself from the pack: add value for your customers by adding Valena in either your professional or custom-blend mixes.

Upgrade Your Standard Mixes With Valena

  • Innovative, never before seen ingredient in
  • Biodegradable and environmentally-friendly
  • Paramylon: unique carbohydrate storage molecule made of pure 1,3-ß-glucan

Key Advantages

  • Convenient to use: Dry granules easy to incorporate in soilless media
  • Consistent material: In-house production of Euglena gracilis fermented under a controlled environment to produce up to 50% paramylon
  • No special storage needed
  • 2-year shelf life.
  • Compatible with common subtrates
  • No impact on the pH or EC
  • Helps grow high quality plants from the start
  • Helps improve the performance of soilless mix


Supplies soil with ingredients to support optimal plant growth
Supplies soil with ingredients to support optimal plant growth
Provides nutrients that help increase uptake efficiency
Provides nutrients that help increase uptake efficiency
Aids in the growth of healthy, strong and thriving plants from the start
Aids in the growth of healthy, strong and thriving plants from the start
Helps shorten bench time
Helps shorten bench time

Formulate your custom-blend mix with Valena and help young plant growers maximize the growth potential of their crop.

Proven data on Vinca plugs

Valena at 3 g/L incorporated in the in vinca plugs growing media increased dry weight biomass significantly with an average of +61% compared to untreated plugs. (Source: TL-18-00016)

The heavier a plant is by dry weight, the more biomass the plant has, and represents an indicator of a thriving and healthy plant.

Plug trial on Vinca

Product information

application rate

1.2 Kg/cubic yard of growing media.


Incorporate the desired rate of the dry granules directly to the soilless formulation and blend thoroughly until completely dispersed.


  • All purpose mix
  • Potting mix
  • Propagation mix
  • The production of plugs, cuttings, and horticultural plants in container.


25 Kg bag.

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Valena™ is currently registered, or otherwise authorized for sale, in Florida, Colorado and Georgia. Other registrations have been submitted and are under review. Please contact us to discuss registration in your specific state.