OMRI-LISTED® Sustainable Fertilizer

Prime Soil With a Novel Plant Growth TECHNOLOGY

Growers are continuously seeking new sustainable ways to improve the health and growth of their crops. Especially young plant growers who are often at the forefront of the plant industry regarding the latest growing techniques and current market trends.

At Kemin, our approach to plant health consists of giving them a great start. We believe in maximizing the potential of the growing environment where a plant grows is a more powerful option. That is why we developed Valena™.

Valena is a new generation of OMRI-Listed® fertilizer that goes beyond N.P.K nutrients. Valena is a dry powder to use at seedling or transplant that primes the growing media with a unique source of 1,3-β-glucan material derived from Kemin’s sustainable microalgae Euglena gracilis known to elicit plants’ defense responses.

Valena top dressed or soil amended, helps promote higher quality plants, higher crop yield, and help with an earlier transplant.

We believe Valena is a great sustainable alternative product to traditional liquid fertilizers or biostimulants to help growers upgrade their nutritional program and reach their farming potential.


Valena is not from brown kelp seaweed that grows in shallow, saltwater near coastal fronts that are used in farming as a plant growth regulator and extracted for the phytohormones auxin and cytokinin. Valena is nothing like that. The active ingredient in Valena is derived from Kemin’s proprietary strain of whole dried unicellular microalgae called Euglena gracilis. Euglena are found all over the world and can live in fresh or brackish water and in moist soils.

At Kemin, we ferment E. gracilis in-house, in a controlled environment with food grade ingredients to produce consistently to achieve at least 50 percent paramylon. Salinity, heavy metals, or other potential environmental contaminants are controlled and are not a concern.

Unlike most other microorganisms which store glucose as starch, E. gracilis stores its food for future use in its pyrenoids as a complex carbohydrate molecule called paramylon. Paramylon is an insoluble, large, linear and crystalline polysaccharide storage molecule, composed of glucose linked together by beta-glycosidic bonds between the 1- and 3-carbons also referred to as a 1,3-β-glucan.


Unlike other β-glucan, our 1,3-β-glucan is unique to Euglena and has the highest purity form currently available on the market, with a concentration of fifty percent compared to other types of glucans (i.e. laminarin 2-9%) extracted from other sources.



  • β-glucan.................>50%
  • Total Nitrogen (N) ......>2%
  • Total Phosphorus (P2O5) .....>1%
  • Total Potassium (K2O) ........>1%


  • A novel type of fertilizer
  • Dry granular powder
  • Derived from a natural source
  • Biodegradable and environmentally-friendly
Alternative to traditional liquid fertilizers or biostimulants
Alternative to traditional liquid fertilizers or biostimulants
Designed to fit into any nutritional program
Designed to fit into any nutritional program


Valena™ is an ideal fertilizer for: 


Young plant growers deserve a high-quality media foundation to ensure with full confidence the product they offer is of consistent quality, uniformity, and vigor..Valena is highly recommended for the production of large quantities of plugs, cuttings and other greenhouse-grown ornamental plants. 



Commercial growers must keep their business as profitable as possible. Valena is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material that is essential to help increase field-grown fruit and vegetable crop yield.


Growing media manufacturers must distinguish their brand from the pack. Valena is a first-class innovative ingredient to develop new formulas for professional all-purpose, potting or propagation mixes. Learn More

Smart Mode of Action

Valena has a unique mode of action. When incorporated in the growing media, it breaks down and releases its active ingredients: 1,3-β-glucan, known to elicit plants’ defense responses. Scientific researches showed that substances like 1,3-β-glucan are viewed as Pathogen-Associated Molecular Patterns (PAMPs) by Pattern Recognition Receptors (PRRs)1-4 present naturally in plant cells, meaning that the presence of Valena in the soil can be mistaken for pathogens3,5,6 by the plant. Normally, a plant increases the nutrient uptake to fight off potential pathogens. However, when there is an increase in nutrient uptake with no real pathogenic threat, it means the growing media has been primed to encourage the nutritional uptake favorable to plant growth7-9.

Valena MoA
Helps increase nutrient uptake efficiency
Helps increase nutrient uptake efficiency
Helps get plants ready earlier for transplant
Helps get plants ready earlier for transplant
Aids in the growth of  thriving plants from the start
Aids in the growth of thriving plants from the start
Helps increase fruit and vegetable marketable yield.
Helps increase fruit and vegetable marketable yield.

Directions for Use - Nutritional Program

Dry granular powder form, easy to incorporate into your growing media at the beginning of a plant’s life cycle:

Download the label for full directions for use: Valena_Label



  • RATE: One application at 1.5 g/L of growing media
  • APPLICATION TIMING: At seedling or establishment phase (transplanting)


  • RATE: One application at 1.2 kg/cubic yard of growing media
  • APPLICATION TIMING: Prior to seedling or planting


Greenhouse Vinca plug trial– With/without Valena.

  • (left) Thirty one day after planting (31DAP), the Vinca plugs treated with Valena look significantly fuller and greener  compared to the untreated plugs.
  • (right) Not only did the Valena treated vinca plugs  thrive, they were also as big as the control plugs even when sown 11 days later!

Valena was a 2018 Greenhouse Grower Fresh Ideas

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Valena is currently registered, or otherwise authorized for sale, in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan and Washington. Other registrations have been submitted and are under review. Please contact us to discuss registration in your specific state.

Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographic regions. Product labeling and associated claims may differ based upon regulatory requirements. Consult with your regulatory representative for specific applications and labeling.


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