Why USA Lysine®?

The benefits of using a rumen protected lysine source are more efficient and productive dairy cow diets. Research shows increasing milk production requires more than your average protein source. By adding USA Lysine® to a dairy cow's diet, the animal will have the opportunity to produce more milk, be more efficient and exhibit improved health. 

Lysine Explained

Lysine is an essential amino acid used as a building block in creating protein. Therefore, meeting your cow's lysine requirement is fundamental to the health and wellness of the dairy cow. Because lysine cannot be produced within the body, it must be supplied through the diet. Lysine found within feed ingredients has little impact on a dairy cow's milk production if it is not actually absorbed from the small intestine. USA Lysine is a highly efficient rumen protected lysine source providing more intestinally available lysine to the cow. As a concentrated, consistent and cost-effective source of MP Lysine for dairy cows, USA Lysine is a solution that makes a difference. 

Lysine at Work

  • Vital for milk protein production
  • Plays a role in growth and the production of carnitine, which turns fats into energy
  • Assists in calcium absorption and collagen production
  • Can help with injury and disease recovery


As the importance of lysine was recognized, the dairy industry became more focused on the lysine supplied by feed and microbial protein. The goal was to increase dairy cow production and improve efficiency. In the last few decades, improved genetics and increased cow performance have continually increased dairy cow lysine requirements. Using a rumen protected lysine can now give dairy producers the opportunity to use lower cost ingredients and reach maximum milk production levels. 

USA Lysine Bioavailability

USA Lysine bioavailability values are supported by two blood plasma research trials, one conducted at a third-party research facility and the other at a university. Bioavailable lysine, or MP Lysine, is the amount of lysine passing through the rumen in a form that is available for absorption into the small intestine. USA Lysine provides higher levels of MP Lysine due to its ability to deliver almost twice as much intestinally available lysine than any other rumen protected lysine source. 

USA Lysine is manufactured using the proprietary GEM production process developed from over a decade's worth of research by Kemin scientists and engineers. This encapsulation technology protects the lysine and reliably delivers it through the rumen and into the small intestine, where it can be absorbed and utilized.

USA Lysine—A Cut Above the Competition

Figure 1. Rumen protected lysine product characteristic comparisons

USA Lysine Product Overview

  • Supplies almost twice as much MP Lysine than the nearest competitor
  • Validated by years of trial work
  • Fed to hundreds of thousands of cows with positive results
  • Uses the GEM encapsulation technology
  • Consistent and cost-effective
  • Supported by a dedicated and experienced sales and technical service team

Product Specifications

USA Lysine® Spec Sheet


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