USA Lysine® — A Cut Above the Competition

USA Lysine® supplies over 200 grams of MP Lysine per pound of product. That is almost twice the amount supplied by the next nearest competitor (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Rumen protected lysine product characteristic comparisons

USA Lysine bioavailability values are supported by two blood plasma research trials, one conducted at a third-party research facility and the other at a university. Bioavailable lysine, or MP Lysine, is the amount of lysine passing through the rumen in a form that is availble for absorption into the small intestine. USA Lysine provides higher levels of MP Lysine due to its ability to deliver almost twice as much intestinally available lysine than other rumen protected lysine sources. 

USA Lysine is manufactured using a proprietary GEM production process developed from over a decade's worth of research by Kemin scientists and engineers. This encapsulation technology protects the lysine and reliably delivers it through the rumen and into the small intestine, where it can be absorbed and utilized.

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Using Plasma Lysine Levels to Validate USA Lysine® Bioavailability


Evaluation of the Bioavailability of USA Lysine® and MetiPEARL in Lactating Dairy Cows




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