Protect plant health by combatting threatening pathogens with FUNGICIDE - BACTERICIDE Thymox ConTrol®

Fungicide + bactericide for the control of fungal and bacterial plant pathogens.

For farmers who want to control detrimental fungal and bacterial plant pathogens, Thymox Control® is a botanical oil-based, broad-spectrum, contact fungicide-bactericide that contains thyme oil as the active ingredient. Thymox Control® efficacy is powered by an innovative nano emulsion technology that delivers billions of nano-size droplets of thyme oil for superior contact and higher killing effect. Unlike current underperforming conventional options, Thymox Control® is an effective, safe, and environmentally friendly way to protect commercial crops from pathogens – even the ones that are becoming resistant to fungicides or bactericides. Thymox Control® can be used in rotation in plant disease management plans to help control common fungal and bacterial diseases on fruit and vegetable crops, ornamentals, and for both indoor and outdoor growing sites.

Thyme  oil fungicide bactericide Thymox packaging

Thymox Control - Literature Download

Thymox Control ORGANIC - Literature Download


Novel Technology Built on 10 years of Science and Data Research

Kemin partners with Laboratoire M2

At Kemin Crop Technologies, we only partner with experts to provide farmers and growers with innovative and robust solutions, so they can protect their crops and grow better and healthier plants.

Laboratoire M2, based in Sherbrooke, Canada, is the provider of breakthrough proprietary disinfecting technologies that help reduce exposure to toxic chemicals and resistance-causing antibiotics. The company offers a range of leading biodegradable, disinfecting and antimicrobial products in three different markets: Animal Health, Surface Disinfection, and Crop Protection. Thyme essential oil is composed of antimicrobial active molecules, especially the naturally occurring phenolic compound, thymol, known to kill plant pathogens such as bacteria and fungi via cell membrane disruption.

For more than a decade, Laboratoire M2 experts and researchers have meticulously screened the highest quality ingredients to develop a core proprietary nano emulsion technology to harness the power of the antimicrobial activity of thyme oil.

Kemin Crop Technologies has added the effective and innovative fungicide and bactericide solution Thymox Control® to the Crop Protection portfolio, along with the TetraCURB miticide-insecticide products.

Learn more about Laboratoire M2

Nano Emulsion Technology creates a higher killing effect

An emulsion is a biphasic, colloidal dispersion of two non-miscible liquids, an oily system dispersed in an aqueous one, formed by using mechanical shear and surfactants. Surfactants make the two phases miscible by creating an interfacial film of micelles (1 to 20 mm) that lowers the interfacial tension between the two phases. At the difference of an emulsion, a nano emulsion has nanoscale micelles (1 and 100 nm), is monophasic, low viscosity, and optically transparent.

Thymox Control is designed with a unique surfactant that allows the spontaneous formation of billions of nanometric size droplets of thyme oil, when the liquid concentrate is thoroughly diluted in the water tank mix. 

Nano emulsion

Boost plant performance by eliminating disease

Broad spectrum
Broad-Spectrum Efficacy
Target F7
No Known Resistance
No agitation
No Tank Mixing Agitation Needed
instant mix
Instant Dilution
Zero PHI
0-Day PHI
MRL Exempt
MRL Exempt
Easy add IPM
Easy to Add in IPM Program
Zero REI
0-Hour REI

Integrated pest and disease management program


Thyme oil...........................27%

Listed on the FIFRA 25(b) minimal risk pesticide

Key Target Pathogens Controlled 

Thymox Control® is formulated to protect crops during all stages of growth.

Thymox Control® is nonselective and combats a broad range of plant fungal and bacterial pathogens, such as:

• Fungal diseases: Grey mold (Botrytis cinerea) and Powdery mildew

• Bacterial diseases: Fireblight (Erwinia amylovora)


Glycerin, Potassium sorbate, Butyl lactate, Water, Isopropyl alcohol, Soapbark and Citric acid ..... 73%

The formulation contains ingredients derived from botanical origins that make a spontaneous dilution possible in water and create a stable mix.


For indoor and outdoor commercial use on a wide range of high value specialty crops, including but not limited to ornamentals, fruit and vegetable, orchard, tree-fruit, hemp, hops.

White mold strawberries
Grey mold (Botrytis cinerea)
Fireblight apple
Fireblight (Erwinia amylovora)
Powdery Mildew

Thymox Control® kills fungal and bacterial plant pathogens 

in vitro lab studies, Mc Gill University, Montreal, Canada


  • Aspergillus ochraceus - Fungi - Industrial Hemp
  • Botrytis cinerea (grey mold) - Fungi - Strawberries, wine grapes
  • Fusarium equiseti (Fusarium wilt) - Fungi - Wheat, barley, bananas
  • Xanthomonas campestris (black rot) - Bacteria - Crucifers (broccoli, cabbage)

Powdery mildew 30-day controlled greenhouse trial on industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa)

Great Bend, KS. Sept. 2019.

Foliar applications of Thymox Control was made every 5 or every 14 days, with potassium bicarbonate as a benchmark. Powdery mildew symptoms were observed on plants, and severity and incidence symptoms were measured on a numeric scale (0-10, 0 being no symptoms).

Fireblight in vitro trial (Erwinia amylovora)

St-Bruno-de-Montarville, Quebec, Canada. Mar. 2019.

Apple blossoms were inoculated with a streptomycin-resistant strain of Erwinia amylovora, isolated from an Oregon orchard. Treatment of Thymox Control and streptomycin were made on the flower. 7 days after treatment. The severity of symptoms was recorded and reported on a % basis (0% being no symptoms).

Thymox graph 1

100 % Control of Powdery Mildew

Symptoms on hemp whether you spray every 2 weeks or every 5 days 

Higher Control on streptomycin-resistant strains

vs the standard antibiotic streptomycin 

More fungicide data here

More fungicide data here

Thymox graph 1
Thymox graph 1
Thymox graph 2
Thymox graph 2

Mode of action - Cell membrane Disruption 

• Thyme essential oil contains the phenolic compound thymol that has the ability to kill pathogens such as bacteria and fungi via cell membrane disruption.

• Due to its hydrophobic nature, the thymol molecule interacts with the outer cytoplasmic membrane of the pathogen and affects the integrity and function of the microorganisms’ cell membrane.

Mode of action

Thymol inserts into the outer cell membrane, inducing instability in the microorganisms’ membrane, causing cell content leakage.

The outer cell membrane is destabilized, disrupted, and disintegrated causing pathogen death.

Directions for use


• 0.5.% Dilution = 64 fl. oz./100 gallons of water


• Repeat application every 5-7 days, or as necessary to maintain the desired level of control

• Apply at any time during the growing season, when conditions (humidity, temperature, etc.) promote microbial growth or

when fungal disease symptoms first appear

• For preventative control, apply before symptom development and pathogen reproduction.


Thymox Control® is a liquid concentrate and must be diluted with water prior to use. Use the dilution immediately. Do not store

the diluted solution.

Dilute 64 fl. oz. per 100 gallons of water.

• Spontaneous one-phase dilution

• Completely soluble in water

• Homogenous and stable solution

• No continuous tank-mix agitation is needed after mixing



• Do not apply this product as a concentrate

• Applied as a foliar spray

• Spray application for controlling diseases that affect above-ground plant parts

• Use standard spray equipment such as airblast or boom spray

• For best control, ensure a uniform spray and complete coverage of the plant surfaces until runoff


When mixing, applying, or handling product, wear required appropriate PPE, including but not limited to safety glasses with side shields, long-sleeved shirt, pants, protective footwear, impervious gloves.


Thymox Control® can be tank-mixed with other fungicides or bactericides. If combining Thymox Control® along with other products in the tank, always read and follow the respective label directions. Perform a jar test and spray on a small scale before full-scale spray application.


Thymox Control® is exempt from food tolerance requirements (no MRLs, Maximum Residue Limits).


As of June 2020, Thymox Control is currently registered and approved for sale in 34 states: Alaska,  Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin. 


Thymox Control  Literature Download

Thymox Control gallon

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Beyond serving as a responsible ingredient manufacturer, Kemin has a team of technical service managers and research and development experts that are incredibly knowledgeable and able to assist as needed with trial support, product instructions and efficient application rates in an integrated pest management program. Our team of technical experts quickly guides growers with best practices and insights to ensure they are receiving the maximum value from our products and, ultimately, a successful, profitable horticulture operation.

Apple grower in Washington

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Kemin Crop Technologies partners with Laboratoire M2, Inc. to distribute Thymox Control®. Thymox® is a registered trademark of Laboratoire M2. FIFRA 25(b) exempt pesticide: This product is exempt from registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under FIFRA section 25(b) regulations. Kemin Industries, Inc. represents that this product qualifies for exemption from registration under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographic regions. Product labeling and associated claims may differ based upon regulatory requirements. Consult with your regulatory representative for specific applications and labeling. Intended for commercial use. Always read and follow the entire label directions before use. Use strictly in accordance with precautionary statements and directions. Contact your local extension specialist or certified crop advisors for any additional pesticide resistance-management and IPM recommendations for the specific site and pest problems in your area. For non-emergency Kemin product inquiries, please call Customer Service at 1-800-752-2864 between the hours of 7 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Central Standard Time. Monday - Friday.