A botanical oil-based biological for the control of fungal and bacterial plant pathogens


Kemin Crop Technologies strongly believes in the power of botanical oil-based crop protection solutions. The multiple modes of action offered by the various active compounds in botanical oils make these biopesticides excellent tools to prevent pathogens from developing resistance to standard chemistry used by growers.

Thyme essential oil is one of the most effective plant-based active ingredients that farmers can safely use to control detrimental fungal and bacterial plant pathogens.

Rotating fungicide-bactericide products with different class modes of action is crucial to minimize the possibility of fungicide resistance from occurring. Therefore, we want to offer an additional fungicide-bactericide class and more modes of action to alternate in the tank mix and in the season to combat the threatening pathogens. 

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Thyme oil fungicide bactericide
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Thymox graph 1
Thymox graph 1
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Thymox graph 2


• Do not apply this product as a concentrate

• Applied as a foliar spray

• Spray application for controlling diseases that affect above-ground plant parts

• Use standard spray equipment such as airblast or boom spray

• For best control, ensure a uniform spray and complete coverage of the plant surfaces until runoff


When mixing, applying, or handling product, wear required appropriate PPE, including but not limited to safety glasses with side shields, long-sleeved shirt, pants, protective footwear, impervious gloves.


Thymox Control® can be tank-mixed with other fungicides or bactericides. If combining Thymox Control® along with other products in the tank, always read and follow the respective label directions. Perform a jar test and spray on a small scale before full-scale spray application.


Thymox Control® is exempt from food tolerance requirements (no MRLs, Maximum Residue Limits).

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