RENDOX® – Preserving Fat Quality

RENDOX® Liquid Antioxidants are formulated specifically for treating commonly-used rendered fats and oils. Each RENDOX product contains a unique, synergistic blend of antioxidants, metal chelators and oil-based carriers, which help prevent lipid oxidation – thereby prolonging shelf-life and ensuring fats and oils maintain their optimal nutritional value and palatability.

Features and Benefits

  • Antioxidant blends specifically formulated to stabilize a variety of animal fats and vegetable oils
  • Synergistic blend of synthetic antioxidants to absorb free radicals before they destroy fatty acids
  • Chelators to bind metal ions, which may otherwise promote free radical oxidation
  • Oil-based carriers to better mix with fat molecules
  • Ethoxyquin and no ethoxyquin added products available
  • Customer Laboratory Services (CLS)-supported product line to help customers evaluate fat quality


Fat and oils – or lipids – are an essential energy source in nearly every animal’s diet. However, lipid sources used in feed formulations today – animal fats, vegetable oils, blended fats and by-product oils – are not all created equal. Variability in the physical and chemical properties of lipids can impact digestibility as well as lipid susceptibility to oxidation – a major source of decreased lipid quality.

Oxidation is an irreversible process that reduces the energy value of fats, leaves vitamins susceptible to destruction and can lead to internal oxidative stress. Understanding how oxidation may impact the nutritional quality of the diet is key for optimizing livestock and poultry performance.

Variability in the Oxidative Status of Fats and Oils used in Livestock Diets in North America


RENDOX Antioxidant Systems

A number of synthetic antioxidants are used to promote oxidative stability in fats and oils, these include tertiary butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ), butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), ethoxyquin (EQ) and propyl gallate. These antioxidants are capable of effectively controlling the auto-oxidative process; however, Kemin scientists understand that not all fats and oils are the same. Poultry fat, choice white grease, soybean oil, corn oil and other lipid sources each have a unique fatty acid profile, which require different formulations and oxidation control solutions. When treating ingredients, identifying the correct antioxidant for your application can be the difference between success and failure. The RENDOX Liquid Antioxidant portfolio provides specific, research-backed blends of antioxidants formulated to match the unique fatty acid profile of commonly-used rendered fats and oils.

RENDOX Liquid Antioxidant Systems

Resources – RENDOX Antioxidants in Action

RENDOX® Liquid Antioxidants

Oxidation - a major source of decreased fat and oil quality - not only reduces the energy value of lipids but can also have harmful effects on livestock and poultry growth performance. The RENDOX Liquie Antioxidant product line provides research-backed synthetic antioxidant systems designed to stabilize the diverse fats and oils used in feed formulations today.


Effect of RENDOX® CQ on Oxidized Soybean Oil

The benefits of RENDOX Liquid Antioxidants on fat quality include longer shelf-life stability and protection against the development of toxic compounds including peroxides and aldehydes. Antioxidants delay oxidation by sacrificing themselves to quench free radicals before fat can be attacked. To see an example of how RENDOX antioxidants can delay oxidation, download our Technical Literature piece.


Fat Tank Case Study

Fat quality solutions start with the purchasing of quality fat. However, high-quality fat can be negatively impacted by storage time, application of heat and the mixing of different lipid sources in a fat tank. Management practices often focus on minimizing storage time, but unfortunately this practice does not account for the layer of fat coating the inside of the tank and sludge buildup at the bottom. Treating fat with a RENDOX antioxidant system can preserve fat and help clean and stabilize your fat storage tank. 


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