Quantavene™ 500 Concentrate - Greenhouse Cleaner

A multi-surface cleaning solution to greenhouse algae 

Cleaning commercial greenhouses is key to raising healthy plants and maintaining safe environments for growers. Visible and excessive algae stains in commercial greenhouses, walkways, cooling pads, walls, benches or floors can be a financial burden for growers to manage continuously and can be a hazard for workers.

Quantavene 500 Concentrate, algae stain removal for greenhouse, allows growers to focus on what is important for the greenhouse business: growing healthy plants!

What is Quantavene™ 500 Concentrate?

Quantavene is a unique patent-pending algae stain removal solution that provides an alternative solution to current products with a non-corrosive combination of:

  • Organic Acids
  • Copper Propionate.


Quantavene 500 Concentrate works on multiple surfaces, from floors, walls, capillary matting to cooling pads.

Key Benefits


Monthly maintenance application allowing more time to do important horticultural tasks in your greenhouse.

Remove algae stains with a zero restricted-entry interval cleaner – It minimizes safety issues and decreases the risk for expensive claims.


This innovative, highly-efficacious liquid offers application flexibility and cost-effective control.


Grower can immediately place the plants back onto the dry treated surface.

Seeing is believing


Source: Kemin Document SD-15-00034

Algae Stain Removal Program ♦ CLEAN ENJOY REPEAT


Algae Level: **

Dilution Rate:

30:1 (clean water: Quantavene) - 4.3 fl oz/1 gallon of water.

Application Process:

  1. Power wash the entire area removing all algae and organic material. Allow the area to dry.
  2. Apply the Quantavene diluted solution to achieve complete, even coverage to entire area. Ensure the area remains wet for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Allow the area to dry before additional water can be applied to the area


Algae Level: ****

Dilution Rates:

  • Initial concentration: 20:1(clean water: Quantavene) - 6.4 fl oz/1 gallon of water
  • Standard rate: 30:1 (clean water: Quantavene) - 4.3 fl oz/1 gallon of water.

Application Process:

  1. Apply the 20:1 diluted Quantavene solution to the entire area to clean. Ensure the area remains wet for 20-30 minutes.
  2. With a stiff broom or brush, scrub the area to loosen up the algae and organic material.
  3. Sweep or rinse the area to remove all the organic material and loosened algae (no power wash equipment is required).
  4. Next, apply the 30:1 Quantavene solution, ensuring the area stays wet for 20-30 minutes (no additional water is added until after the area has dried).

Recommended Cleaning Frequency: One application per week for at least three weeks. Then, only one application every month!

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