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Organic egg producers can now offer consumers the same benefits and value found in non-organic eggs thanks to Organic ORO GLO®. Sourced from organically grown, certified organic marigold petals that are manufactured to the United States Department of Agriculture's National Organic Program (USDA NOP) standards for use in organic poultry feed, Organic ORO GLO provides a more consistent pigment color density than organic alfalfa and adds nutritional value to the egg yolk.

  • Certified, organically grown marigold petals
  • Manufactured to USDA NOP standards
  • Allows more consistent egg yolk color than organic alfalfa
  • Provides additional lutein value to eggs
  • Highly stable and standardized product to guarantee consistent xanthophyll addition to the feed


Product Specifications

Organic ORO GLO® Dry Pigmenter Spec Sheet

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