Dairy Webinars

Presentations from the 2018 Southwest Nutrition Conference

Metritis in Dairy Cows - Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Dr. James D. Ferguson


The goal of this presentation is to provide nutritionists with a background of disease description, pathology, risk factors and approaches to prevention. It will summarize current information on metritis and outline approaches to prevention. Click below to watch the full video.

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Transition Cow Immunity and Nutritional Modulation

Dr. Barry Bradford


On many dairy operations, transition cow problems account for over half of mature animal health problems. There are some inherent risks cows immediately after calving, including the potential for latent mastitis cases to re-emerge at the onset of lactation and the tissue trauma from calving. On top of these unique risks are some physiological conditions that further challenge the ability of cows to successfully transition to lactation. To watch the full video, click below.

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Feed the Beast - Metabolic Demands of the Immune System

Dr. Lance Baumgard


There are a variety of situations in an animal's life when nutrient utilization is re-prioritized from productive towards agriculturally unproductive purposes. Two well-known examples that markedly reduce production are heat stress and ketosis. Decreased feed intake, experienced during both diseases, is unable to fully explain decreases in productivity. Additionally, both diseases are characterized by negative energy balance, body weight loss, inflammation and hepatic steatosis. While the metabolism of ketosis and heat stress have been thoroughly studied for the last 40 years, the initial insult in the cascade of events ultimately reducing productivity in both heat-stressed and ketotic cows has not been identified. To that end, Dr. Baumgard has generated preliminary data strongly implicating a metabolic disruptor, endotoxin, as the etiological culprit in each case. Click below to watch the full video.

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Additional Webinars

The Role of Chromium in Transition Cow Performance and Implications for Reproductive Performance

Dr. Tom Overton


Research suggests that chromium supplementation can reduce negative energy balance in cows and can improve reproductive performance of high-producing cows. Learn from dairy nutrition expert Dr. Tom Overton on how chromium can produce results for your operation.

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Effects of Heat Stress on Gut Health and Immune System Nutrient Requirements

Dr. Lance Baumgard


Heat stress and ketosis reduce efficiency. Decreased feed intake experienced during both situations is unable to fully explain the suboptimal productivity. Heat stress and ketosis affect herds of all sizes and almost every dairy region of the U.S. Dr. Baumgard hypothesizes the common etiological origin of both metabolic disorders as "leaky gut." Leaky gut and the resulting endotoxin infiltration alters nutrient partitioning and is a causative agent in metabolic disruption during heat stress and ketosis. Identifying dietary approaches that can improve gut barrier dysfunction is paramount in developing nutritional strategies aimed at improving intestinal health.

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Strategies with 2016 Milk Prices and Feed Situation

Dr. Mike Hutjens


Dr. Mike Hutjens presents strategies with 2016 milk prices and feed situation. Decisions on which feed ingredients to use in dairy rations continue to be challenging especially when profit margins are tight. Dairy managers must consider which ingredient, why, when and how much for dry, transition and high-producing cow groups. This webinar will include a review of the 4 pillars for 2016, the role of chromium, feed efficiency applications and how to remain focused on profit.

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