Exploring the Impact of Stress on Livability


In poultry integration, pullet and broiler livability can have a huge impact on how an integrator manages the number of pullets placed or number of eggs set, respectively, in order to meet the needs of their customers (e.g. pounds of meat out of the plant). Pullet livability can have an impact on the overall cost of production, in that if disease or management is not able to maintain livability, producers would take on additional costs, such as buying eggs or replacing pullets that have been lost.

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The Effect of Chromium Propionate on Performance Response and Meat Quality in Male Broilers


Supplementing chromium from chromium propionate in the diet showed a positive effect on feed conversion ratio and breast meat yield of birds subjected to cyclical heat stress. Chromium supplementation may alleviate the negative effects of stress on growth, performance and carcass traits.


FDA Approves Chromium Propionate for Broilers


Based on extensive research conducted by Kemin Industries, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) approved the use of chromium propionate as a source of chromium in broiler diets. Chromium propionate is the newest trace mineral approved for broiler diets in more than 40 years. The food additive petition process through the FDA can be time consuming and expensive but is designed to generate necessary data to sell safe, efficacious ingredients to the marketplace.


Effects of Chromium Propionate on Broiler Performance in Antibiotic Free Production


Chromium supplementation has been shown to improve broiler body weight, weight gain and carcass yield by decreasing the impact of stressors experienced by the bird. The objective was to evaluate the effects of chromium propionate (Cr Prop) on broiler performance and livability in a commercial antibiotic free complex. The supplementation of Cr Prop improved average feed conversion ratio by 2 points compared to historical data. Moreover, Cr Prop improved livability by 0.45%.


KemTRACE® Chromium for Broilers


When a bird is exposed to environmental or disease stressors, a stress hormone called corticosterone is released. The release of corticosterone alters how nutrients are utilized by the bird. During periods of stress, nutrients are re-allocated from growth toward minimizing the stress being experienced byt the bird. When nutrients are siphoned away from growth in this way, performance can be negatively impacted. Read more to learn how chromium can help your bird reach optimal performance.



Broiler Performance Benefits

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