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KemTRACE® Chromium for Dairy: Heat Stress


Heat stress can compromise a lactating cow's performance in many different ways – decreased feed intake, altered metabolism, reduced milk production, impaired reproductive performance and increased disease incidence. In the U.S., approximately $1 billion is lost annually as a result of poor performance during periods of heat stress. The inability of a cow to dissipate heat effectively compromises their ability to function normally all the way down to the molecular level.



Impact of Heat Stress on Fertility in Dairy Cattle


Heat stress negatively impacts the ability of a cow to become pregnant through both internal and external controlled pathways. Learn more about the many ways heat stress can compromise a lactating cow's performance.







Reducing the Effects of Heat Stress in Pork Production


Heat stress is a costly issue facing pork producers. Heat stress significantly reduces feed intake, therefore directly impacting growth performance of pigs and profitability. Feed intake isn't the only performance parameter affected. Reduced growth rate, decline in fertility, increased mortality and more non-productive sow days are just a few of the other ways heat stress negatively impacts all aspects of pork production.




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