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We’re thrilled you’re interested in discussing your water quality! Simply sign up utilizing the form on this page and your Kemin representative, Marisa Bettin, will be in touch to schedule a time to chat! Not only are you working toward improved water quality, you’re also securing your chance to win. Two lucky winners will receive a free Bose® SoundLink® Color II speaker!* No purchase is necessary.

Marisa Bettin and Bose Speaker

Did you know that KEM SAN® is designed specifically for pathogen control in livestock and poultry water? KEM SAN is a unique combination of four organic acids (Propionic, Acetic, Benzoic and Sorbic) that is buffered to an optimal pH range of 4.7-5.7. KEM SAN is able to optimize the effectiveness of chlorine, bacterial control and overall handling by farm personnel. KEM SAN is an EPA-registered product (No. 8596-31) and is proven safe and effective.


Use the form on this page to contact Marisa and enter to win one of two free Bose® SoundLink® Color II speakers!


At Kemin, we strive to work in partnership with you – our valued customer – to research and develop products and services that will help to meet the current and future nutritional and health needs of the swine industry. We understand your need to raise healthy pigs that give consumers the nutritional benefits they are looking for, while also returning a profit.

Maintaining gut health promotes the absence, prevention and avoidance of disease, which is essential to raising top performing pigs. We’ve developed the multi-faceted Kemin Gut Health Triple Check program as a support system to CLEAN UP contaminants in feed and water prior to animal exposure, BUILD UP intestinal strength and immunity to reduce leaky gut and KNOCK OUT harmful pathogens for healthier and better performing pigs.

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