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CaptiSURE is a proprietary blend of medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), labeled as a liquid energy source for use in animal feed and feed materials. MCFAs are naturally found in many animal and vegetable fats including coconut oil, palm kernel oil and dairy products. These molecules have been shown to have antimicrobial properties against gram (+) and gram (-) bacteria, as well as viruses.1,2,3,4

Keeping pathogens out is the first step to an on-farm biosecurity program. An often-over-looked aspect in biosecurity plans is the role of feed and feed ingredients, which may carry certain pathogens that are detrimental to animal health. Comprehensive feed pathogen control programs are essential to reduce the risk of disease transmission through feed. CaptiSURE can be used as a key component of a comprehensive biosecurity program.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly available energy source derived from palm kernel oil
  • Comprised of a highly pure blend of medium chain fatty acids, which independently published research has shown can serve as reduction strategies for viral pathogens in feed like PEDv, PRRSv and SVA; and bacterial pathogens in feed like Salmonella, C. coli and E. coli1,2
  • Fully supported by a team of trained and experienced application engineers, technicians, veterinarians and laboratory personnel
  • Highly-pure MCFA product containing elevated concentrations of effective MCFAs (C8 and C10)
  • Delivery in a liquid form, bringing a two-fold benefit of 1.) higher concentration of active ingredient compared to similar dry products (no carrier); and 2.) better contact when applied to feed.


  • Association of American Feed Controls Officials (AAFCO)-approved feed ingredient
  • Use at a rate of 20 lb. per ton of finished feed or premix
  • Available in 20 kg, 180 kg and 900 kg containers

Application Accuracy

  • Equipment installation and application validation provided
  • Regularly scheduled application system monitoring, and engineering support provided
  • Kemin Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) available for feed sample testing, as needed


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Want to talk more about using CaptiSURE as an antimicrobial solution for your livestock and poultry feeds? The Kemin Pathogen Control Team is here to answer all of your questions.

Dr. Mark Bienhoff

Pathogen Control Team Leader

Dillon Mellick

Technical Service Associate

Adam Cannon

Equipment Project Manager

Ron Bender
Sr. Application Engineer

Cassio Villela

Product Manager

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