ButiPEARL Z EQ - Equine Intestinal Integrity

Maintaining equine gut health and intestinal integrity means managing the strength of the intestinal barrier to maximize nutrient absorption, while preventing harmful parasites, pathogens, enzymes, acids and toxins from infecting the body. A horse's gut is lined by a single layer of epithelial cells that serve to facilitate digestion and absorption of nutrients, while also acting as a barrier to invading microorganisms, toxins and dietary antigens. Therefore, an optimal intestinal barrier is vital to achieving long-term equine health and maintenance.1

Tight junction proteins are one of the key components of regulating intestinal permeability. These tight junctions are crucial for the integrity of the epithelial barrier and the separation of these tight junctions leads to the breakdown of the intestinal barrier (i.e. leaky gut), allowing for harmful molecules and compounds to pass through. Using Kemin Gut Health Solutions products like ButiPEARL Z EQ will help promote these functions along the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

ButiPEARL Z EQ is an encapsulated source of butyric acid and zinc meant to upregulate the expression of tight junction proteins in the intestines and increase antioxidant levels to improve horse gut health by healing the GI tract. ButiPEARL Z EQ uses the company's proprietary MicroPEARLS® spray freezing technology to encapsulate butyric acid and zinc. Butyric acid and zinc play an important role in key biological processes affecting the health and performance of production animals. Butyric acid plays a pivotal role in many key biological processes, increases microbial diversity and upregulates tight junction proteins in the intestines.1,2 Zinc, an essential nutrient promoting villi growth, improves gut function and helps boost animal performance.

ButiPEARL Z EQ is an encapsulated source of butyric acid and zinc. This mode of action will explain key factors impacting gut health and the benefits of having two powerful nutrients as a combination. To learn more about the ButiPEARL Z EQ mode of action, click below.

ButiPEARL Z EQ Mode of Action

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1Katouli, M. et al. 1999. The effect of zinc oxide supplementation on the stability of the intestinal flora with special reference to composition of coliforms in weaned pigs. J. of Applied Microbiology. 87:564-573.

2Zhang, B. et al. 2012. Zinc prevents Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium-induced loss of intestinal mucosal barrier function in broiler chickens. Avian Pathology. 41:361-367.

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