Health Management

Improving health conditions is vital for the survival of aquatic species. Some aquatic species, such as crustaceans, lack a well-developed immune system and require natural solutions to protect them from disease challenges. Kemin offers products for antibiotic and residue-free aqua production, which will help enhance the immunity of aqua species and improve survival, designed to result in better economic returns. Kemin’s product offering for health management includes:

Essential oil and organic acid-based products to improve the gut integrity, optimize the gut microbiota and reduce the disease occurrence by controlling pathogenic microbes in the gut.

Algal beta-glucan to enhance the immunity of aquaculture species and thereby improve survival and disease resistance.

Health Management Products


Revive the gut



An immune booster


Vibrell™ C

Thermostable and bioavailable vitamin C



 Liquid protease enzyme for fish feed application