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Do your eyes feel tired, dry, or irritated after long periods on your phone or computer? These types of short-term digital eye strain can be attributed to blue light damage. Blue light is harmful light to our eyes, and we're exposed to it every day in the forms of sunlight, artificial light and digital devices. And while it's impossible to completely avoid exposure to blue light, there are ways to protect your eyes today and maintain healthy vision.

more blue light = more eye damage potential. 60% of Americans use devices more than 5 hours daily. 33% of children use devices 3+ hours daily. 37% of millennials use devices 9+ hours daily.

why floraglo® lutein?

Found naturally in certain fruits and vegetables, lutein and zeaxanthin are the ONLY nutrients deposited specifically into the eyes to help filter harmful blue light. The human body doesn't naturally produce lutein or zeaxanthin so it's important to get these nutrients from the diet or supplements like FloraGLO®.

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The Vision Council (2015) Hindsight is 20/20/20.  Protect your Eyes from Digital Devices