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Luxiva™ Certified Organic CBD Distillates

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Kemin's Luxiva™ Certified Organic CBD Distillates are designed to position manufacturers at the forefront of the rapidly growing market for cannabidiol (CBD) products. Our Full Spectrum CBD Distillate options offer various hemp distillate choices, compliant with THC limits of less than 0.3% or 0.1%. Extracted using carbon dioxide (CO2), Luxiva™ provides full hemp plant benefits for your customers.

Science-Backed Benefits

Luxiva™ CBD distillates deliver benefits derived from all parts of the hemp plant. Our distillates, comprising cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, are extracted using a CO2 process, ensuring a clean product. Clinically researched and carefully formulated, Luxiva™ stands as a superior quality CBD solution for manufacturers looking to elevate their products.

Why Choose Luxiva

Key Consumer Insights

Market Demand for CBD Products1
  • 75% of consumers are familiar with CBD from hemp products.
  • 20% of consumers have used CBD supplements or functional foods in the past 6 months.
What Consumers Want in CBD Products1

Consumers prioritize clean extraction (78%), third-party quality testing (75%), USA-grown (74%), and organic (68%). Luxiva™ CBD products fulfill these factors, providing a trustworthy choice for consumers.

The growing awareness and popularity of CBD products present a significant market demand. To position your company for future growth, partner with Kemin for trusted, reliable CBD ingredients.

Luxiva™ Full Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) Distillates

  • Luxiva™ Full Spectrum CBD Distillate: A USDA-certified organic hemp extract with 60-75% CBD and less than 0.3% THC.
  • Luxiva™ Full Spectrum CBD Distillate – Globally Friendly: A USDA-certified organic hemp extract with 60-71% CBD and less than 0.1% THC, providing a broad spectrum of hemp distillate.

Luxiva™ CBD distillates are the ideal choice for manufacturers seeking a reliable, high-quality, and sustainable solution for their CBD products.

Ready to Capitalize on the Growing Market for CBD?

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  1. Kemin Industries, Health & Wellness Study; SUZY™ Consumer Research Survey: 1042 participants; October, 2021.


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