The immune system is a network of cells that work to protect the body from invaders. Immune cells find and attack external threats to keep the body safe and healthy.

Immune function can be affected by a number of factors, including diet, exercise, sleep, stress and hygiene. So you're less likely to feel your best if you've been stressed out or skimping on sleep.

Adding a supplement can strengthen the body's immune function, helping you to feel your best. BetaVia, Kemin's line of whole, algae-based beta glucan ingredients, supports immune health year-round.

How Does BetaVia Work?

Kemin's patented BetaVia beta glucan ingredients are thoroughly researched and shown to support immune health.1 In vitro and animal studies show BetaVia can work in the body by priming key immune cells, promoting cell signaling and providing nutrition and antioxidant support.

What is Beta Glucan?

Beta glucans are polysaccharides (long chains of glucose molecules) present in algae, bacteria, fungi and plants like oat and barley. Beta glucans vary based on chemical structure and role within the cell. Most beta glucans, including the types found in fungi, oat and barley, serve as structural components in the cell wall. Kemin's beta glucan is sourced from an algae called Euglena gracilis, in which beta glucan serves as energy storage and is found floating freely within the cell.


Types of Beta Glucan

The chemical structure and insolubility of beta-glucan from whole algae Euglena gracilis benefits immune health since immune cells recognize (1,3) linkages and are primed by the beta glucan. The structure and insolubility of (1,3)(1,6) beta glucan from yeast also benefits immune health.

You may also be familiar with other types of beta glucan that support other functions in the body. The structure and solubility of (1,3)(1,4) beta glucan in oat benefits heart health by binding and removing cholesterol from the body. The structure and insolubility of (1,4) beta glucan, called cellulose, is found in plants high in dietary fiber and supports bowel health.2-5

Why choose Euglena gracilis algae as a beta glucan source?

Microalgae and components of microalgae are growing in popularity in human nutrition. Algae can be found in many different functional foods, beverages and supplements globally. 

Algae is a special source because it shares characteristics of both plants and animals, containing high nutritional value in the form of protein, vitamins, fatty acids and carotenoids. The process of producing algae is highly sustainable and efficient since algae can act as an autotroph (self-feeding) or heterotroph (feeding externally.) Kemin's patented Euglena gracilis is minimally processed with no harsh solvents.1



Clinical trial results showed that active, healthy participants consuming BetaVia Complete experienced fewer upper respiratory tract infection (URTI) symptoms, sick days and symptom days over a 90-day supplementation period compared to a placebo. These findings were statistically significant. 


70 percent fewer urti symptoms
graph showing participants taking BetaVia Complete showed 70 percent fewer URTI symptom days compared to placebo

Participants consuming BetaVia Complete reported 30 fewer symptoms over a 90-day supplementation period — that’s 70 percent fewer symptoms compared to a placebo.*


3.3 fewer sick days
graph showing participants taking BetaVia Complete had 3.3 fewer sick days compared to placebo

Over the 90-day supplementation period, participants consuming BetaVia Complete reported 3.3 fewer sick days compared to a placebo.


10 fewer urti symptom days
graph showing participants taking BetaVia Complete showed 10 fewer symptom days compared to placebo

Participants consuming BetaVia Complete experienced 10 fewer symptom days over the 90-day supplementation period, compared to those taking a placebo.  A symptom day is a day in which a participant experiences at least one URTI symptom.

Want to learn more about the clinical trial? Contact us for additional information. 

*The data for URTI was collected using a validated survey WURSS -24 which surveys the following: symptoms: running nose, plugged nose, sneezing, sore throat, scratchy throat, cough, hoarseness, head congestion, chest congestion, feeling tired, headache, body aches and fever.


**Recommended use: 375 mg/day of BetaVia Complete by healthy adults


Immune Health Solutions

Maximize your health with nutritional immune support

BetaVia™ Complete is a nutrient-rich, dried whole algae fermentate that provides nutritional support for a healthy immune system.

  • Over 50% beta glucan
  • Over 20% protein with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids
  • 375 mg dose


PRESERVE your health with pure immune support

BetaVia™ Pure is the purest whole algae-sourced beta glucan currently on the market.

  • Over 95% algae beta glucan
  • 200 mg dose


BetaVia Health Benefits*

Supports a healthy immune system

Strengthens the body's natural immune system

Clinically-tested sustained immune support

Supports natural immunity during and after exercise


Ready to add BetaVia to your formulation?

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*When taken as recommended. 


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