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Freshness - Meat and Poultry

Freshness Matters

Challenge: Providing consistently fresh flavor

Solution: Kemin oxidation control solutions (rosemary and green tea extracts and blends)

Typical applications: Fresh and cooked meats

Consumers consider the freshness of food to be an important attribute no matter the category, but when it comes to meat and poultry, a fresh appearance, aroma and flavor are paramount. And, attributes like all natural and no additives/preservatives signal freshness to consumers shopping for meat and poultry products for their families.

Consumers are seeking out freshness, as well as cleaner ingredient labels, according to a “Better for You Eating Trends” study.1

Consumer Desires Regarding Red Meat:

  • Clean and simple labeling, alongside packaging that ensures freshness and gives consumers opportunities to find out more information on product origin and quality, is most important.2
  • Brands and retailers that offer added value and transparency through packaging, flavor, and explanation can attract the widest number of red meat eaters.3

Consumer Desires Regarding Poultry:

  • Traditional convenience categories are going above and beyond with premium ingredients, sustainable positioning or unique flavors in order to stay relevant with modern consumers.4
  • 47% of consumers say “all natural” is the most important attribute when purchasing poultry
  • “As consumers opt for foods they consider fresher and healthier, poultry brands must strive to alleviate health or food safety concerns through messages of transparency...”6

Consumers may base their initial meat and poultry purchases on color, but fresh and consistent flavor convinces them to buy the same meat products again. The biggest enemy to fresh and appealing flavor is oxidative rancidity (lipid oxidation), the cause of off-odors and off-flavors. Kemin’s natural plant extracts help delay lipid oxidation, protecting your product’s appeal by preserving its fresh aroma and flavor, along with a clean, simple label.

The Kemin team has the protein knowledge to determine the proper food ingredient solution to delay oxidation, considering:

  • Fat content
  • Ingredient interactions
  • Storage conditions

Meat oxidation guide

Learn how oxidation can affect your meat and poultry products, download our Meat and Poultry Oxidation Guide. This guide provides simple illustrations to explain the complex process of oxidation, how it affects the quality of meat and poultry, and how plant extracts delay that oxidation to lengthen shelf-life and help maintain consumer acceptance.

Meating the Challenge Oxidation Guide

1,2Packaged Red Meat, U.S., Mintel, March 2019

3-6Poultry, U.S., Mintel, November 2017

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