A World of Solutions for Successful Tortillas

Tortilla consumption is trending upward, and production is estimated at +$19b and CAGR of 8.56%.1 It’s clear that consumers love their tortillas, motivated by drivers including healthier eating, convenience and the variety of tortillas available. The time is right for tortilla manufacturers to capitalize on the growing trend, yet they still face challenges every day—including shelf life extension, operational concerns, and consumer appeal—that threaten to negatively impact their sales and profits by preventing them from having a successful tortilla.

What makes a successful tortilla?

  • Looks and tastes fresh
  • Is shelf stable
  • Soft, pliable, and rollable
  • No sticking or zippering
  • Consumer-pleasing taste and texture
  • Consistent quality


Chicken tacos in soft shell corn tortillas

Our tortilla solutions can solve your shelf life extension, operational and consumer-pleasing challenges, for the most appealing, high-quality corn and flour tortillas. Whether you offer your tortillas in standard, strips, chips or other applications—and corn or flour varieties—our solution set of mold inhibitors and more help protect your ingredients and your end product.

We use our complete suite of solutions and our tortilla expertise to help protect your brand and speed up commercialization of your product and processes.

A Complete Suite of Solutions

We offer everything from complete drop-in solutions and premixes, to individual functional ingredients including mold inhibitors as well as enzymes, emulsifiers and gum blends. Our solutions are available in liquid and dry varieties—and we have clean label, organic and non-GMO solutions.

Our complete drop-in solutions include anywhere from 2-20+ ingredients that each contribute quality characteristics to your tortilla. Our drop-in solutions or concentrates can give you peace of mind with:

  • Proper order of addition for each ingredient
  • Precisely measured ingredient quantities
  • In-depth critical analysis of each batch


True Tortilla Expertise

Flour quesadilla on wood board with salsa in bowl

From lab bench to store shelf, no one understands tortilla formulation, shelf life and operational challenges like we do. Not only do we have state-of-the-art R&D featuring in-house experts with in-depth knowledge of ingredient functionality, our infrastructure and processing parameters bridge the gap between laboratory scale and commercial production. 

We feature:

  • Dosing systems through our Product Application Department
  • In-house Tortilla Pilot Plant
  • Texture profile analyzer
  • Flour analysis through dough lab
  • Microbial characterization at in-house facility
Chicken wrap in flour tortilla

A tortilla success story

Helping customers with their shelf life issues

A Kemin Food Technologies customer wanted to improve the shelf life of their premium authentic tortillas. First, the Kemin team started out by performing a thorough analysis on the customer’s masa flours and their tortillas. Then, the Kemin Product Application Department installed a new dosing system to ensure even distribution and increase the consistency of application. Desirable results were achieved, and routine analysis has continued. The result? In the following 18 months, the customer has experienced no shelf life issues in their tortillas.



1. 2017 Tortilla Industry Association Technical Conference Presentation