Kemin helps meet your operational challenges with value-added batch pack and premix solutions meticulously made with our extensive technical know-how to give customers their optimal tortilla or baked good.


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Flour quesadilla on wood board and a tortilla wrap with taco fillings. All on a chalkboard background.

Drop-In Batch Packs

Kemin Helps You Operate More Accurately and Efficiently

Our complete drop-in batch pack solutions include anywhere from 2-20+ ingredients that each contribute quality characteristics to your products while addressing your challenges including shelf-life extension, operational efficiency and consumer appeal. With our drop-in solutions or concentrates, you get peace of mind with: precisely measured ingredient quantities, proper order of addition for each ingredient, and in-depth critical analysis of each batch, for your successful product.


Since they are composed using functional ingredients such as enzymes, emulsifiers and gums, our drop-in and premix solutions help you meet consumer demand for fresher, safer, and more appealing food products. We offer a variety of options to meet a variety of needs—including providing the cleaner label many consumers are looking for—with the perfect mix of ingredients customized to your product.


Drop-in and premix solutions bring a host of benefits to your operations, including:

  • Raw material inventory management
  • New ingredient updates with optimized pricing
  • Precisely measured ingredient quantities
  • Proper order of addition for each ingredient
  • In-depth critical analysis of each batch
  • Up-to-date compliance with most regulatory changes
  • Continuous improvement due to in-house R&D support
Two corn tortillas with taco fillings


Our technical teams have extensive know-how regarding the interaction of all food ingredients on product stability, and our Customer Laboratory Services provide dedicated support throughout all phases of testing—all to develop solutions that positively affect your product’s shelf life. We use our formulation expertise and extensive portfolio of shelf-life solutions, to help you achieve ‘claimability’ with label claims that meet consumers’ demands—without sacrificing shelf life or sensory appeal. 

In addition to our technical teams, our newly built Bakery Innovation Center allows customers to work with us on their product improvements without having to shut down their facility for testing. Our Bakery Innovation Center is a pilot-scale facility with all the equipment you need to make your tortillas and baked goods, as well as analyze the finished product. Learn more about our Bakery Innovation Center and it's capabilities here.


  • TillaPack – batch pack solutions for flour tortillas
  • TillaSoft – dough conditioners and tortilla softeners for flour tortillas
  • TillaZyme – enzyme gum blends for corn tortillas
  • SHIELD® – mold inhibitors for corn and flour tortillas