Kemin helps you solve your meat & poultry challenges: color, freshness and safety. Lipid oxidation, or oxidative rancidity, is the cause of off-odors and off-flavors. It is the enemy attacking your product’s appealing color, appetizing flavor and aroma, as well as its overall safety. We have the tools and know-how to help you delay or slow the speed of lipid oxidation.

Our robust product portfolio was developed to help you meet your specific brand objectives, offering a range of ingredients from cost-effective synthetic antioxidant solutions to plant extracts, blends and organic options.

The increased consumer demand—especially for label-friendly products—in an already highly competitive protein market requires effective solutions to help protect your products and increase your profitability. You can trust Kemin to deliver the difference you need for your product to succeed.


We can help you solve your color, flavor and microbial challenges right here. We understand proteins—and how different processing techniques and packaging affect them.

We offer solutions that are tailored to your individual needs, from simple one-ingredient solutions to more complex blends, with a highly experienced technical team. Not only do they understand the synergies of these ingredients, they can offer recommendations on the best point of application.

Our Research and Development (R&D) team uses formulation technology to determine the optimal and most cost-efficient inclusion rate in each meat matrix.

Our Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) team provides dedicated support throughout all phases of testing, using a combination of analytical techniques and accelerated oxidation tests to provide customized shelf-life solutions that also help you achieve ‘claimability’, with label claims that meet today’s consumer demands.


Today’s consumers are increasingly reaching for simpler, ‘free from’ and clean label products, but taste is still at the top of their shopping list. 

Find out how shelf-life oxidation changes affect purchase decisions and how antioxidant ingredients provide the most cost-effective prevention methods, in our complimentary white paper.

In “Time is Money: Oxidation and the Bottom Line in Fresh Sausages and Ground Meats”, you’ll learn how consumers ‘eat with their eyes’ and rely on appealing appearance to ensure fresh and flavorful choices in the meats they buy. 

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Our complimentary infographic "Meat Still Rules" takes a look at the ever-changing meat and poultry landscape. The infographic walks you through trends in red meat and poultry products, what consumers are looking for, where the opportunities in proteins lie—and how Kemin solutions can help your product to stand above the rest.

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Meat & Poultry Case Studies

Check out our meat & poultry case studies for more innovation and inspiration.


Find out how to create crave-worthy pepperoni and pizza toppings that stay fresher, longer—with label-friendly ingredients.

Kemin Customer Laboratory Services compared the impact of various rosemary extracts vs. traditional synthetic antioxidants on the color and flavor of sliced pepperoni.

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Find out how to protect a wide variety of meat & poultry products with clean label shelf-life solutions.

Our CLS team specializes in troubleshooting your challenges and conducting analytical tests that compare the efficacy and sensory attributes of different solutions.

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BactoCEASE®­ – a food safety ingredient for proteins, is a liquid-based antimicrobial designed to protect ready-to-eat meat and poultry products from Listeria monocytogenes

BactoCEASE®­ NV a label-friendly vinegar-based product for food safety designed to protect meat and poultry products from foodborne pathogens and extend product shelf life by delaying the growth of spoilage bacteria

FORTIUM®­ A  – an acerola extract-based ingredient designed for maximum effectiveness against color degradation, an excellent consumer-friendly option for meat manufacturers

FORTIUM® R  – a rosemary extract-based ingredient designed for maximum effectiveness against color and flavor degradation, an alternative to traditionally used synthetic antioxidants

FORTIUM® RGTa combination of rosemary and green tea extracts for color protection in meat and poultry, providing superior antioxidant protection without negatively impacting flavor, color and odor profiles

Proteus® -  a line of functional proteins that provides meat and poultry manufacturers a clean-label, yield enhancement solution.