Webinars on contact miticide-insecticides to make you product experts

Become a crop protection expert by watching these webinars made to help you be successful. They contain information on our rosemary oil-based biopesticides, TetraCURB Concentrate and TetraCURB Organic. Watch to reveal trial data and key findings to help you trust and understand our products. 

Master your crop protection knowledge and earn 1.5 DPR APPROVED CE hour with Kemin and Holden Research and Consulting

Learn about mites and lygus bugs and how they impact California strawberry production. Plus, learn how to control the pests with beneficials and effective biopesticides like TetraCURB™!

Miticide-Insecticide Training: TetraCURB concentrate and tetracurb organic 101

Listen to Emily Fuerst, Kemin Crop Technologies R&D Director, gives a rundown of our miticide-insecticide.

In this video:

-Product features


-Mode of action

-Directions for use

Tetracurb Concentrate and Tetracurb organic mastery: Dig deeper into miticide-insecticides

In this Webinar

Discover new data from performance and efficacy trials on TetraCURB Concentrate and TetraCURB Organic. 

Click here to watch webinar.

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