Sustainable biological pest Control for Orchard Crops 

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Orchard production in the United States

Whether it is apple, cherry, or pear your orchard needs an effective pest control. Our biopesticides will elevate your control over spider mites, woolly apple aphids, thrips and other soft bodied insects, and provide you with a lush orchard. Kemin Crop Technologies™ offers multiple botanical pesticide solutions for orchard growers including TetraCURB™ Concentrate and TetraCURB™ Organic. Each of these products provide:

  • Zero-hour REI 
  • MRL Exempt
  • No phytotoxicity to crops
  • No sensory impact
  • Zero-day PHI
Zero Hour REI
No phytotoxicity on crops
Sensory Impacts on Crops
Zero Day PHI
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TetraCURB fights woolly apple aphids

Here you will find data and information on botanical pesticides that are designed to benefit you and your orchard operation. These documents contain information on product trials and performance tests of our botanical-oil based contact pesticide, TetraCURB™, on orchard crops. TetraCURB Concentrate and TetraCURB Organic are effective in reducing woolly apple aphid populations in orchard crops. Elevate your control over woolly apple aphids, spray TetraCURB today!

Data on Tetracurb on Wooly Apple Aphids

TetraCURB performance

79% Reduction of Woolly Apple Aphids after two applications of TetraCURB Concentrate at 0.5%

73% Reduction of Woolly Apple Aphids after two applications of TetraCURB Organic at 0.5%

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