Elevate your control over pests with our Botanical Miticides & Insecticides line TetraCURB™

Your operation requires effective pest control. Put your trust in our tested rosemary oil-based miticides, with insecticidial propertiesTetraCURB™ !

Our TetraCURB Line - Rosemary oil-based, contact miticides & insecticides for all crops for a ROBUST Integrated Pest Management Program

Botanical oil-based miticides and insecticides are effective tools for any integrated pest management program. Botanicals are a great sustainable crop protection solution, as they often have multiple modes of action, which are less likely to contribute to pesticide resistance. But multiple modes of action aren’t the only advantage to botanical oil-based pesticides. Botanicals have a zero-day Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI) that provides flexibility during harvest time and peace of mind for your worker's safety.

Also, some conventional products have an REI of a few days or more, which prevents growers from re-entering the field right away. Low REI levels in botanical products allow you to apply the botanical pesticide closer to harvest time. Kemin products, such as TetraCURBTM, have very low risks of phytotoxicity, with high efficacy, making them an excellent insecticide for growers who want to start using botanicals.

If you are looking to add a highly effective, easy-to-use product to your integrated pest management program, consider one of our TetraCURB!

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