Fight Lygus, Thrips, Whiteflies, Aphids, & more in lettuce and leafy greens with no phytotoxicity by using biological pest control

Goals and Challenges for Lettuce and Leafy Green growers

Lettuce, cabbage, spinach, kale, arugula, iceberg, collard greens...all of America's favorite leafy green fresh produce. These crops are produced organically and conventionally throughout the United States, but most commonly across California and Yuma, Arizona. . According to USDA, California leads the nation in vegetable production, accounting for 39% of the U.S. vegetable acreage. In 2020, the total output of leaf lettuce totaled 15.6 million cwt, up 25% from the previous year, with a planted area estimated at 62,900 acres an area harvested, at 61,700 acres. As for the head lettuce, the total production in 2020 was totaled 40.7 million cwt. The planted area slightly decreased over the previous year with an estimated at 114,000 acres versus an area harvested at 112,900 acres1.

The main goal of lettuce and leafy green growers is to produce a plentiful, healthy crop to bring in front of consumers to enjoy. Sounds easy, right? It turns out, lettuce and leafy greens are some of the most challenging crops to grow. The reason why can be summed up into two words PESTS and DISEASES. Controlling pests is very important to lettuce growers because the smallest insect bite or fungal discoloration can make the crop not suitable to picky human eyes. Some of the main pests in leafy green production include: lygus bug, cabbage aphid, thrips, aphids, whiteflies, and two-spotted spider mites. It is essential for growers to seek out different protection methods to prevent pests from damaging their crops. 

Lettuce and Leafy Greens in the Greenhouse

Aside from conventional outdoor production, there is a large sector of the industry producing lettuce indoors in greenhouses. Although indoors, greenhouse lettuce is also at risk for pest outbreaks. It is important to be able to provide a suitable environment for lettuce and leafy greens whether it is growing indoors our outdoors. Keming Crop Technologies has been recognized as a key provider of crop protection solutions to greenhouse growers in the articles below: 

Find Success With Biologicals in Leafy Greens

An Update on Biological Products for Greenhouse Lettuce Growers

Sustainable Biological pest control for lettuce and leafy green growers 

Luckily for lettuce and leafy green growers, Kemin Crop Technologies™ offers a spread of biopesticides that can help growers overcome their challenges. Our products are safe for workers and consumers and effective in helping farmers and growers achieve full farming and crop potential in conventional, transitional and certified-organic production systems. Derived from botanical oil, our insecticides and miticides provide growers with choice and flexibility during their growing season. Some of the key features and benefits of using our products on leafy green and lettuce operations include: 

0-hour REI
0-day PHI
No phyto
No Phytotoxicity
Multiple Modes of Action - Resistance Management
MRL Exempt
No restricion
No label application restriction or limitation

See how our 0-hour REI, 0-Day PHI, MRL Exempt, botanical-oil based biopesticides can help you!

Explore data on key lettuce pests such as lygus, whiteflies, aphids and thrips and see how our miticide-insecticides TetraCURB Concentrate and TetraCURB Organic work to control them in similar crops in a safe and effective way. All of this data can also be found on our crop sheet here.

Excellent control of lygus bugs

TetraCURB Concentrate and TetraCURB Organic have shown excellent control against one of the key pests in lettuce and leafy greens, lygus bug. We have field trials on California strawberries to show proof.

The Total population was reduced by 83% for both treatments over the untreated control

High control of aphids

Low rates of our miticide-insecticides perform with a high efficacy against wooly apple aphids in a field trial. 

79% Reduction of Wooly Apple Aphids after 2 applications of TetraCURB Concentrate at 0.5%

Control of Adult Silverleaf whiteflies

Extremely high effectiveness of TetraCURB Organic shown against whiteflies in bioassay

TetraCURB Organic kills 100% of whiteflies immediately at all rates

High Control of Adult Western Flower Thrips 

TetraCURB Organic kills up to 96% of thrips after 24 hours with 1% treatement rate

No phytotoxicity on leafy greens

Treat your leafy greens safely and effectively with our botanical oil-based miticide-insecticide

Other  contact insecticides for harder to kill pests on leafy green

Gemsei™ (EPA registered) and AlliCURB™ (FIFRA 25(b) exempt, for use in California only) are OMRI-Listed, garlic oil-based, contact insecticides, miticides, and powerful repellents that control a wide range of pests, especially lepidopteran insects, on various crops.

The strong repellency and insecticidal activity of Gemsei and AlliCURB come from the garlic oil active ingredient that controls pests through multiple modes of action:  desiccation, antifeedant deterrent, mating disruption, and anti-oviposition activities,  limiting the likelihood of target pests developing pesticide resistance. They provide flexibility and convenience during harvest time as they have a 0-day PHI.

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More and more feed companies, commercial growers and farmers turn to Kemin Industries for help with their products every day, and we hope you will, too. The success and health of your crops, as well as the food and plants they produce, are our highest priority. Our team works every day to make sure you have the best products to keep them healthy.

To learn more about our line of highly-effective crop health and sustainable crop protection products, contact Kemin today.

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FIFRA 25(b) exempt pesticides: TetraCURB Concentrate, TetraCURB Organic, TetraCURB MAX, AlliCURB products are exempt from registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under FIFRA section 25(b) regulations. Kemin Industries, Inc. represents that this product qualifies for exemption from registration under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA).

Intended for commercial use. Always read and follow the entire label direction before use.

Use strictly in accordance with precautionary statements and direction. Contact your local extension specialist or certified crop advisors for any additional pesticide resistance management and IPM recommendations for the specific site and pest problems in your area. The products are not registered or authorized for sale in all states. Consult your Kemin representative or your state regulatory representative for approval of this use in your state, specific applications, and labeling.

Gemsei™ is a registered trademark of seipasa S.A.