Crop Protection and Crop Health Product Labels and Literature 

To help you get the most out of your crop, Kemin Crop Technologies offers a spread of crop protection and crop health products designed to make you succeed. Our goal is to bring you the tools that you need to do your jobs in the best way that you can. 

TetraCURB Concentrate: Rosemary oil-based biopesticide 

TetraCURB Concentrate manages and repels mites and a variety of common small, soft-bodied insects on greenhouse plants, ornamentals, specialty crops, field-grown fruits and vegetables. TetraCURB Concentrate is safe for workers with its zero-hour REI and convenient to use with zero-day PHI.

Tetracurb Organic: OMRI-Listed Miticide-Insecticide and Repellent 

TetraCURB™ Organic is a sustainable pest management tool available to organic farmers who seek an organically certified biopesticide derived from natural sources with a high level of control and a high degree of plant safety.

Thymox Control®: Botanical Thyme Oil-Based Fungicide-Bactericide

Thymox Control® can be used in rotation in plant disease management plans to help control common fungal and bacterial diseases on fruit and vegetable crops, ornamentals, and for both indoor and outdoor growing sites.

Valena: Sustainable Soil Amendment 

Valena™ is a soil supplement that gives soil an upgrade with the latest natural growth technology, creating an enhanced growing media that promotes high-quality plugs and cuttings and crop, helping to achieve high potential plants from the seedling stage to the store shelf. 

Certain statements may not be applicable in all geographic regions. Product labeling and associated claims may differ based upon regulatory requirements. Consult with your regulatory representative for specific applications and labeling.