Crop Technologies for COMMERCIAL Hemp Growers

Industrial hemp is an emerging market. This high in fiber crop brings value to consumers all over the world. Kemin Crop Technologies provides the opportunity for hemp growers to succeed with our botanical fungicide-bactericide, miticide-insecticides, and fertilizer.

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Challenges for Hemp Growers 

Although industrial hemp is known to be a "low-maintenance" crop, we understand hemp growers still face many challenges. Hemp can be invaded by unwanted pests such as insects and fungus that can inhibit the crop from reaching its full potential. 

Some of the common pests that burden hemp growers include spider mites, russet mites, cannabis aphids, and root aphids. Powdery Mildew and Bud Rot (Botrytis) are common pathogens in hemp production. Hemp growers can utilize our biopesticides in their IPM programs to get the most out of their crops.

Solutions for Hemp Growers

Kemin Crop Technologies offers a spread of products that can help hemp growers overcome their challenges. Learn more about our miticide-insecticides and fertilizer!

There is a very limited number of pesticides approved for use on industrial hemp. The University of Florida recently studied the efficacy and plant safety of several commercial chemicals to control spider mites and other pests specifically in hemp. Our product, TetraCURB, was one of them. It showed strong control of both mites and whiteflies in this study.  Watch and listen to the report, click here: 

Univeristy of Florida study shows TetraCURB efficacy on mites and whiteflies

See our products in action on hemp!

TetraCURB Concentrate helps control mites and other small, soft-bodied insects in hemp.

Our rosemary oil-based, contact miticide-insectide helps control pests such as aphids and whiteflies with a quick pest population knockdown.

Our Product Line


Start with our TetraCURB™ Concentrate solution for commercial growers. This is a rosemary oil-based contact miticide-insecticide treatment made from our proprietary lines of rosemary plants. It's an environmentally-friendly product with no phytotoxicity that is highly effective at killing or repelling mites and small, soft-bodied insects such as aphids and whiteflies. Our product is exempt from residue tolerances in the U.S. and is an ideal foundation for a quality integrated pest management program.


TetraCURB Organic is a new option for organic growers to help manage pest pressure throughout the cropping season. With a high concentration of active ingredients formulated with a unique blend of botanical oils,  TetraCURB Organic is a very effective contact miticide-insecticide and repellent that provides mite and small, soft-bodied insect control for a wide range of specialty crops with a zero-day PHI and zero-hour REI. 

Valena™ - Sustainable Fertilizer

Another Kemin product useful for producing high-quality hop  is Valena™ - a unique sustainable fertilizer made of Kemin’s proprietary strain of unicellular Euglena gracilis algae, that primes the soil and help increase uptake efficiency for optimal crop growth. So farmers can improve their crop output, yield and overall plant health. 


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