Clean Greenhouse = Healthy Plant Growth + Workers Safety

If you are a commercial grower, the cleanliness of your greenhouse is vital. Whether you're running a vegetable farm, botanical research facility, plant nursery or another facility promoting the healthy growth of vegetation, algae and other health hazards are a constant threat.

Sanitation: The First Line of Defense Against Greenhouse Issues

Cleanliness is the key to a successful growing season. It is the first line of defense against threats to your greenhouse products.

Greenhouse cleaning can present a challenge. You need sustainable greenhouse solutions that allow your plants to thrive, giving you immaculately clean greenhouses without harming the environment. While growers are always busy and working hard, it's recommended to have them spend time before the beginning of the season cleaning up and getting ready to start growing your plants in the cleanest environment possible.

If finding ways to ensure a clean greenhouse has been a constant struggle, Kemin has the commercial greenhouse cleaning solution for you.

Our Product Line: How Kemin Helps to Eliminate Your Commercial Greenhouse Algae Problem

One of the main threat to commercial greenhouses is algae. Algae grow very easily in commercial greenhouses, on walls, floors, walkways, benches and just about everywhere else it can gain a foothold. In addition to being unsightly, these algae can present safety hazards to greenhouse workers and threats to healthy plant growth.

Spending hours upon hours furiously trying to scrub away all the algae stains that invade your greenhouse is a costly, wasteful use of your workers’ time. Fortunately, there is a better solution.

Among the many high-grade products Kemin offers is our Quantavene™ 500 Concentrate, a greenhouse cleaner.


Quantavene™ 500 is a multi-surface cleaning solution you can use to more easily remove troublesome greenhouse algae stains. It is a sustainable solution that works with a non-corrosive combination of organic acids and copper propionate.

You can use Quantavene™ 500 on virtually any surface in your greenhouse, including capillary matting and cooling pads. Quantavene™ 500 is easy to use. After the initial application phase of one treatment a week for three weeks, you only need to use it once a month to maintain it, making things much easier for your greenhouse staff.

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Kemin Is the Commercial Grower’s Best Friend

As a first-class manufacturer of more than 500 specialty ingredients and formulations designed to promote health feed and food production, Kemin industries has spent years ensuring our products meet the highest standards of safety and quality. That commitment to excellence extends to all of our commercial growing and horticultural products, as well. Whatever your growing purpose is, turn to Kemin for great commercial greenhouse cleaning solutions and more.

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