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The need for quality, reliable, marketable fruit and vegetable production may be greater than ever before. More and more people are adopting an eating culture surrounding fresh, locally grown produce. Vegetable industry experts even report ornamental growers are leaning toward adding finished produce or transplants to their lineups.

With the demand for fresh, local, greenhouse-grown and field-grown produce rising — to as high as $4 billion by 2020, according to Rabobank’s Food and Agribusiness research and advisor group — the demand for transparency when it comes to how those fruits and vegetables are treated is rising as well. Solutions for fruit and vegetable farmers alike must include not only ways to improve the flavor of their produce, but also methods for protecting their crops in a sustainable, safer way.

Kemin Solutions for Vegetable Growers and Fruit Growers

At Kemin, we have solutions for cultivators of field-grown or greenhouse-grown produce, from edible crop transplants to herb plants to finished produce.

Whether you grow tomatoes or another popular fruit or vegetable specialty crop like strawberries, blueberries, apples or peppers, we know you need ways to protect your crops from pests with effective biocontrols, set your crop apart from the rest, ensure farm-to-table freshness and produce high-quality fruits and vegetables with superior flavor, taste, shape and color.

Raising healthy plants and sustaining your crops is a complex challenge, which is why you need proven answers. You’ll find them in our Kemin products for fruit and vegetable growers. Our products for produce are made from food-grade materials and follow food safety regulations.

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The benefits of horticultural oils as part of an effective integrated pest management program are well-established. Horticultural oil-based pesticides can prove as natural biopesticides that repel pests while doing less damage to your fruits, vegetables or the people who eat them. Our TetraCURB™ Concentrate is a rosemary oil-based solution that leaves no detrimental residue and has no phytotoxicity. It is highly effective at killing or repelling troublesome fruit and vegetable attacking pests like two-spotted spider mites, aphids or whiteflies when used in conjunction with a well-planned IPM program. Our formula is made from our own sustainable supply of proprietary rosemary plant strains. It's designed for growers by growers.

TetraCURB Organic


TetraCURB Organic is an OMRIlisted® contact miticide and repellent that provides effective pest control of small, soft-bodied insects and mite pests on a wide range of specialty crops with a zero-day Pre-Harvest Interval. With a high concentration of active ingredients formulated with a unique blend of botanical oils, TetraCURB Organic is a new natural option for organic farmers to help manage mite pressure throughout the cropping season.

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Valena - Fertilizer

Great tasting, attractive looking fruits and vegetables often start with premium soil. The right soil is the foundation you need for healthy and robust plant growth, which is why Kemin is happy to offer our Valena™, a sustainable fertilizer. Made from our proprietary strain of unicellular Euglena gracillis algae, this product contains up to 50 percent paramylon, a unique carbohydrate storage molecule made of pure 1,3-ß-glucan to help increase nutrient uptake efficiency for optimal plant growth. It can fit into any nutritional program and is a great alternative to soil additives like kelp meal or standard fertilizers, helping plants grow stronger and faster and ready for transplant earlier.

Our products at work in fruit and vegetable crops

We want to provide fruit and vegetable growers with the best product that will work time and time again and support fruit and vegetable crop health. Check out the following crop pages to see how our biopesticides control pests like woolly apple aphids, spider mites, and other soft bodied insects in strawberry, lettuce, tomato, and orchard crops. 

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