Dick Kearley

Owner of Robrick Nursery, Hawthorne, Florida

Dick Kearley  Robrick Nursery, Florida

Before using TetraCURB™ Concentrate, Robrick Nursery had lost a lot of money trying different pesticides that ended up being ineffective.

Robrick Nursery first discovered TetraCURB in Greenhouse Grower magazine. At first, they were skeptical of the product because of its ‘natural, essential oil, and alternative' approach; but decided to give it a try because it was new on the market and offered broad-spectrum application.  

The team at Robrick Nursery believes TetraCURB is a great solution for their pest issues and can’t stop using the product. After a few months of using it on a wide range of plants - ornamentals, grasses, herbs, and edibles - they have found that it kills every spider mite it touches, without any burn or damage to the plants. The nursery especially likes that it doesn’t leave a chemical residue because their butterfly farmer customers want to buy pesticide-free plants. Beyond the broad-spectrum application and mite control benefits, Robrick Nursery likes that TetraCURB is Zero REI, and believes it is very safe to use and as well as ridiculously inexpensive.

Robrick Nursery has found that a lot comes with a bottle of TetraCURB—specifically great service. Vincent Livengood on the Kemin Crop Technologies team has provided them with excellent recommendations and guidance on application rates and best practices, especially when it comes to applying the product and optimizing the coverage on plants for greater performance. They feel Vince is very knowledgeable and never pushy about buying the product. 

Robrick Nursery