It's ABOUT time to switch to TetraCURB  -  Here is why...

  •  As both a contact miticide and repellent, TetraCURB™ Concentrate and OMRI-Listed® TetraCURB™ Organic offer two-in-one fighting power to eliminate devastating spider mites on all crops. They are  emulsifiable concentrates formulated with  the Kemin proprietary line of rosemary oil that ensures consistent efficacy at each application. The rosemary oil is in high concentration  in the concentrate (50%) compared to other horticultural-oil based products on the market.
  • Plus, TetraCURB™ Concentrate is a smart blend that has already a soap and emulsifier included, so you don't even need to add in your mix. The soap suffocates the pest and the emulsifier enhances the spreading on leave for optimal coverage, efficacy without phytotoxicity!
  • Used as stand alone or in rotation with other chemistry in your Integrated Pest Management program, these rigorously tested pesticides help minimize pest resistance to pesticide development without disrupting labor or harvest activities.

here are our Top 10 reasons why YOU should INCLUDE ONE OF THE tetracurb BIOCONTROLS in your ipm program THIS YEAR:

  1. Safe for workers: Standard PPE & zero-hour REI 
  2. Safe for plants: No phytotoxicity reported
  3. Easy to use: Standard spray equipment
  4. Harvest right away: Zero PHI
  5. Made with food-grade ingredients
  6. Worry-free: MRLs exempt
  7. 2-1: Killer and repeller
  8. No application restriction on the site for use
  9. No restriction and limitation on the number of applications per crop cycle or season
  10. Easy integration in an IPM program for optimal pest management restistance and last minute  pest pressure.

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Manage pests and upgrade your integrated pest management program with TetraCURB  

Download TetraCURB Concentrate brochure  here

Download TetraCURB Organic              brochure here

Manage pests and upgrade your integrated pest management program with TetraCURB Concentrate