Crop Protection

If you are a commercial grower, a big part of your job is crop protection. Threats to your crops are everywhere, and if you let something attack them, the problem can escalate quickly. For your horticultural business to survive and thrive, you need high-quality commercial crop protection solutions that can destroy or ward off the threats without hurting the crops themselves.

When it comes to products for optimizing the crops for commercial growers, no one can compare with Kemin Industries. We are responsible for products that affect billions of lives, and we take that responsibility seriously. The Crop Technologies team has the crop protection products you need to keep your crops safe and allow you to thrive

Grower Challenges and Needs

Commercial crop protection is a challenging, complex problem. You want biological controls for crop protection that work. The most effective products for managing plant pests are ones that can get rid of the problem without posing a threat to your crops. You need a solution with proven results, as you can't afford to apply a product that will damage your plants and find out about it too late.

Among the most ubiquitous and insidious threats to your crops is the spider mite. A microscopic creature that feeds on plants, spider mites can quickly turn into an infestation, hiding on the underside of your plant leaves and devouring your crops, leaving a fine white webbing as an indicator they have made your plants their home and food source.

To protect your crops from spider mites, you must act quickly. Unchecked spider mite infestation can render your entire field of crops worthless in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, spider mites tend to be very difficult to kill, having built up a resistance to the many pesticides that have been used against them.

The Power of Horticultural Oils

You may find a great solution in the use of horticultural oils. The right horticultural oils are a sustainable, biological solution that can safely ward pests off your crops. Finding the right horticultural oil blend, of course, is the key.

Our Product Line

The good news is that Kemin has an answer. Our TetraCURB™ Concentrate mite control solution for commercial horticultural operations has been rigorously tested and approved for its ability to fight spider mites. As part of the rotation in a complete integrated pest management system, it helps minimize pesticide resistance and mitigate them in your operation.

TetraCURB™ Concentrate is a contact biopesticide based on rosemary oil extracted from our proprietary blend of sustainably-grown rosemary plants that can help kill or repel spider mites with no phytotoxicity. It is a category White MPS-ABC Crop Protection Agent and a terrific alternative to synthetic biopesticides with zero REI and zero PHI.

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More and more feed companies and commercial horticulturalists turn to Kemin Industries for help with their products every day, and we hope you will, too. The success and health of your crops, as well as the food and plants they produce, are our highest priority. Our team works every day to make sure you have the best products to keep them healthy. To learn more about our line of highly-effective crop health and crop protection products, contact Kemin today.