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The future of food & agriculture

A United Nations (UN) projection indicated that the world’s population is expected to grow to almost 10 billion by 2050, boosting agricultural demand. According to FAO, the need to sustainably improve agricultural productivity to meet increasing demand is essential, as they estimated the production of food and other agricultural products to increase by 50 percent between 2012 and 2050. Urbanization is impacting food consumption patterns as well. Higher urban income tends to increase demand for processed foods, as well as animal-source food, fruits and vegetables, as part of a broad dietary transition. Not to forget that between now and 2050, the additional land needed for agricultural production is estimated at just under 100 million ha.

The role of crop health in crop production

One of the most significant threats to healthy crop production is crop nutrient deficiencies resulting from poor soil health. Plant health is a tremendously complex area, and many growers understand much of it is rooted in the soil. A quality growing media with the essential nutrients required for plant growth can be critical to success.

Fortunately, we have a fertilizer product that can help. If your crop production is lower than expected, or if it's where it should be but you know it can do even better — turn to Kemin!

As a professional grower, you know it all starts with the right soil. Whether you have your own greenhouse or farm or you’re selling to those who do, you always want to stay at the top of your game with the best and most effective ways to promote optimal plant growth. To do right, adopt a more a sustainable production method with Valena™ organic fertilizer.

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Valena is made of Euglena gracilis, a paramylon-rich microalgae that primes the soil for healthy plant growth. We understand the best way to ensure healthy plants is not just to care for them as they grow, but to give them a great start with the best possible soil.

Grow better now!

As a company that affects millions of lives every day with our feed and food industry products we create, we take our commitment to excellence very seriously. You can be sure our crop health product are rigorously tested and proven to our satisfaction to optimize your ability to grow.


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