Plant Nutrition Management

Plant health is a tremendously complex area, and many growers understand much of it is rooted in the soil. One of the most significant threats to healthy crop production is crop nutrient deficiencies resulting from poor soil health. According to Greenhouse Grower (States of the Industry, 2018), 22 percent of growers plan to invest in soils and amendment handling — and the actual number should be much higher. A quality growing media can be critical to plant health and success.

Fortunately, Kemin has a soil health product that can help. If your crop production is lower than expected — or if it's where it should be but you know it can do even better — turn to Kemin.

Growers Who Mix Their Own Soil: Challenges and Needs

As a professional grower, you know it all starts with the right soil. Whether you have your own greenhouse, garden center or farm or you’re selling to those who do, you always want to stay at the top of your game with the best and most creative ways to promote optimal plant growth. One of the ways to do that is with the right soil health products.

Soil and Growing Media Manufacturers

In the race to find the most innovative and groundbreaking soil enhancements for your plants, you may run into many trendy soil formulas that various industry players promote. You want something new and innovative, but also something that's been rigorously tested and comes from a company you can trust.

Our Product Line

With this in mind, Kemin is proud to offer a potent plant nutritional product: Valena™. Valena™ is a sustainable soil amendment* that primes soil for optimal plant growth and useful for managing plant nutrition with proven results.

Valena™ is a product made of Euglena gracilis, a paramylon-rich type of algae that promotes good soil for plant growth. We understand the best way to ensure healthy plants is not just to care for them as they grow, but to give them a great start with the best possible soil.

This soil amendment is a sustainable solution developed from our own proprietary strand of Euglena gracilis algae fermented under controlled conditions. We think you'll find it to be a great alternative to solutions like conventional fertilizers and kelp meal. It can even help your plants prepare for transplant earlier and will fit into any nutritional program.

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Kemin Industries Is Ready to Help You with Your Crop Health Solutions Today

As a company that affects millions of lives every day with the feed and food industry products we provide, we take our commitment to excellence very seriously. You can be sure our soil boosting products and other crop health products are rigorously tested and proven to our satisfaction to optimize your ability to grow. To learn more about our soil health products and other reliable health solutions for your crops, contact us now.

*ValenaTM is currently registered, or otherwise authorized for sale, in Florida and Georgia. Other registrations have been submitted and are under review. Please contact us to discuss registration in your specific state.

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