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Transforming People & The Planet


With the increase in the world’s population, many farmers are making serious sustainability initiatives for the future. Kemin Industries’ vision is to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with our products and services. Kemin Crop Technologies contributes to this vision by supplying growers with high-quality biopesticides and fertilizers that ensure our future generations have access to a healthy, safe, and sustainable food supply.



We Are an Innovative Team With an Entrepreneurial Spirit Backed By Sound Science

Our Crop Technologies team wants to partner with commercial farmers to bring them state-of-the-art biological pest control, plant health technologies and expert advice. We believe the solutions Kemin Crop Technologies offers can help them overcome agriculture challenges, ensure the growth of healthy plants, help improve crop productivity, yields and sustainability, while achieving mutually profitable results.

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Our Line of Product 

Kemin Crop Technologies products transform lives by providing commercial specialty crop growers with environmentally friendly, sustainable crop protection and soil health technologies solutions, rooted in science and driven by demand.

We offer a range of commercial products that are safe for workers and effective in helping farmers and growers achieve the farming and crop potential in conventional, transitional and certified-organic production systems.


Premium Pest Control Solutions

Contact miticides-insecticides and repellent TetraCURB MAX and insecticides, repellent Gemsei/AlliCURB offer fighting power to eliminate devastating spider mites and soft-bodied insects. Our botanical oil-based biological biopesticides effectively kill pests on all crops. When used in rotation in an IPM program, these rigorously tested solutions help minimize pesticide resistance development without disrupting labor or harvest activities.

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Novel Crop Health Technologies

Give crops a great start with the best possible soil—add Valena™! Beginning at the seedling stage, our OMRI-Listed® sustainable fertilizer helps increase nutrients uptake efficiency thanks to Kemin's proprietary strain of Euglena gracilis algae, for higher quality, thriving plants and more crop yields.


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The Kemin Difference

At Kemin, we prioritize science and our customers. Our passion for botanicals runs deep. Kemin has spent years learning how to distinguish quality oils and leveraging its biotech expertise across the different regions and markets. What sets us apart is our commitment to high-quality standards, ensuring our products are safe and have confirmed product efficacy, both in the lab and the field, so we provide the best products to our customers.

Customer & Research Driven

We are inspired by our customers, the industry needs, and scientific findings. Every day, our plant science experts leverage plants to discover novel potential active ingredients and develop innovative bioinsecticides, bio fungicides, bio nematicides, bioherbicides, and biostimulants for the agricultural market.


Your Sustainable Journey Is Ours Too

With the increase in the world’s population, growers want to cultivate the most robust crop they can for their customers. We have crop protection and health products from sustainably sourced materials to help you achieve your sustainability goals. So if you are on a sustainable journey like us, let’s become a partner!


We Are Active Across the Industry

To stay at the top of growers’ minds, help advance the commercial agriculture and horticulture industry and learn the latest trends and challenges, we are actively involved in multiple organizations across the United States. Through associations, committee memberships and trade shows; we feel part of the community of growers and industry members dedicated to promoting, protecting and preserving the industry.


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Bronze Associate Member of the Florida Strawberry Growers Association




We are Trade Associate members of The Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association 




Associate Member of The Hop Growers America Association


Chrome Sustaining Member of the California Association of Pest Controls Advisers


We are a member  of the American Hort Association



Associate Member of the North America Strawberry Grower Association

NASGA Website


Through the BPIA and its regulatory committee, we have the opportunity to network with the leading biopesticide companies.

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Inter-Regional Research Project #4— The Kemin Crop Technologies Research and Design Team has a great partnership with the Inter-Regional Research Project #4. In the past few years, the IR-4 Project has included Kemin Crop Technologies’ products in University research around the country.

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Richard Jones, our California Sales Manager, was elected into this position to help deliver FSA farm programs at the local level.

Learn more about the Farm Service Agency County Operations Committee

Our California Sales Manager, Richard Jones, is a member of the California Safe Pesticides Coalition and contributes to the conversation of sustainability within pest control. 


Richard Jones, California Sales Manager, is a part of the Environmental Leadership Academy at California State University San Macros, which holds symposiums, conferences, and other programs that provide California leaders with a balanced knowledge of critical environmental issues.


Emily Fuerst, Kemin Crop Technologies R&D Director, has been nominated by the Entomological Society of America (ESA) to be a representative to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ad hoc Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP). As a representative, she will be able to participate in the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) SAP.

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Expert Tips Blog

At Kemin Crop Technologies we are focused on solving challenging agricultural problems. We want to understand the problem and then develop solutions that will succeed in diverse growing conditions, changing environmental factors and diverse pest control needs. To do so, we learn new information in the field on the best and safest ways to promote healthy plant and crop growth every day.  Then, armed with insights, we can create products, services and strategies that will be successful for growers. And we’re more than happy to share what we’ve learned with you. So, whether you are looking for biopesticide resources or want to learn more about biological pest control, our blog is for you!

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