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Welcome to the Kemin Crop Technologies resource page! 

As the world adapts to these unusual circumstances, our goal is to find the best methods of communication to connect with you and assist you during this time of confusion and challenge. We have prepared for you, for the next four weeks, a series of webinars and useful content to provide you with the resources you need. 

Week One: Fungicide-Bactericide training

Use these resources to become a Thymox Control® expert!

Webinar: Thymox Control explained

Listen to Emily Fuerst, Kemin Crop Technologies R&D Director, gives a rundown of our fungicide-bactericide.

In this video:

-Product features


-Mode of action

-Directions for use

Crop Sheet: See lab results and field studies

Lab results and field studies:

In just one spray, Thymox control succeeded to manage the disease in 24 hours on Stevia.

>> See more on this greenhouse trial Download the Crop Sheet

E-Presentation: Learn more ABOUT THYMOX CONTROL

Use this e-presentation to discover the powerful properties of our fungicide-bactericide.

>> Watch now, click here.

Week Two: Thymox Control Botanical Fungicide-Bactericide Mastery

Webinar: Dig deeper into Thymox Control 


Backed by facts:

Discover Thymox Control Efficacy Data and Performance Test Results. 

>> Click here to watch the Week 2 Webinar. 

Week Three: TetraCURB Miticide-Insecticide Training

Webinar: TetraCURB 101

Webinar series - Covid-19 special - TetraCURB Concentrate and TetraCURB Organic Webinar part 1.mp4

Listen to Emily Fuerst, Kemin Crop Technologies R&D Director, gives a rundown of our miticide-insecticide.

In this video:

-Product features


-Mode of action

-Directions for use

Click here to watch webinar.

Week Four: TetraCURB Miticide-Insecticide Mastery

Webinar: TetraCURB Mastery 

In this Webinar:

Discover new data from performance and efficacy trials on TetraCURB Concentrate and TetraCURB Organic. 

Click here to watch webinar.

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