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The Science Behind Healthier Cattle

Since 1961, Kemin has used advanced molecular science to develop industry-leading solutions for gut health, ruminant nutrition and feed quality. It's just one of the ways we sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80% of the world with our 500+ ingredients, which are all backed by technical, lab and product support. This ensures you have a partnership where you get the most out of every product.

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Established safety

Kemin is a market leader with an established safety record and regulatory approvals. We deliver strict quality control and rigorous testing, and practice responsible stewardship towards humans, animals and the environment.

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Exact science

Kemin is built on exacting science at the molecular level to provide data-driven solutions, like KemTRACE® Chromium and CLOSTAT®, are specifically designed for ruminant nutrition and health.

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Exceptional support

We build relationships, offer support and use our expertise to maximize your operation. Our resident Ph.D. animal nutritionists and veterinarians, Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) and Kemin Application Solutions (KAS) come as additional value and support to all our customers.

We live servant leadership around the world.

As a company, we center our global engagement efforts around science and general education, affordable housing, food security, sustainability and the creation of vibrant communities. Kemin proudly supports:

•   World Food Programme (WFP)
•   Habitat for Humanity
•   At-risk populations
•   STEM and the educators inspiring tomorrow's innovators



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