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Multi-Faceted Approach has Researchers Nearing Woody Breast Solutions

Though it’s only been known in the chicken industry for around a decade, woody breast condition (WBC) has already proven to be a potentially costly issue for an industry tasked with feeding a growing global human population. Though the primary triggers of the condition are well-known, solutions are difficult to reach for an industry facing high production demand.  

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Genetics, Environment Contribute to Woody Breast Condition

More than 50 billion chickens enter the human food supply every year, and that number is expected to grow in the next decade to meet increasing food demand as world population continues to rise. The industry has responded to that growing demand; in the last five years alone, world broiler meat production has risen from 86.76 to 92.47 million metric tons per year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service. Chicken as a human protein source alone has grown by 80 percent in the last decade, much faster than beef or pork.

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Taking Down a Costly Swine Disease

For almost a century, swine dysentery has been the source of considerable economic losses for hog producers around the world. Though producers do have proven control measures at their disposal today, they can be extremely costly.

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Aleta™ - Enhancing Protective Immunity for Optimal Gut Health

Minimizing the susceptibility to disease challenges early on in an animal's life can have an effect on their ability to gain weight faster, convert feed more efficiently and overall animal health. Aleta™, a source of 1,3-beta glucans, is an ingredient that may enhance host protective immunity (mucosal and systemic immunity) by improving the effector functions of immune cells.

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Using Antibiotic Alternatives in Managing Gut Health

A healthy gastrointestinal (GI) tract can help poultry achieve optimal production of meat or eggs. The GI tract for chicken has two essential functions: digestion/absorption and immunity. The intestinal mucosa provides an efficient barrier between unfriendly luminal content and the host's internal tissues. A cohesive alliance between the mucus layer, epithelial cells, microbiota and immune cells in the intestine is critical for the intestinal barrier functions.

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The Importance of Intestinal Microbiota in Animal Performance

The digestive tract of a healthy chick is considered free from microorganisms at hatch. Afterwards, a microbial colonization evolves very quickly. At around 40 days in age, the microbiota becomes fully developed in birds, and the bacteria can be categorized as commensal or pathogenic. The bacterial population within broilers is very diverse comprised of over 900 species.

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The Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Feed Additive Alternatives for Livestock and Poultry Producers

In livestock and poultry production, inflammation reduces profitability and product quality and endangers the health of the animals. Inflammation can occur in intensive, modern animal production systems. Controlling inflammation increases the likelihood of a positive ROI regarding feed conversion. As a result, commonly used antimicrobials in feed are now a proposed mode of action (MOA) to reduce instances of inflammation occurrence.

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Tom Marsteller, DVM – Technical Services Manager, Swine at Kemin Industries, was interviewed by Max Armstrong with This Week in Agribusiness during the 2018 World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa. Marsteller was able to share his insights regarding the increasing importance of gut health to the swine industry as the production landscape changes and producers continue to practice antibiotic stewardship.


Kemin has been a proactive leader within the gut health industry. By using decades of scientific research, thorough testing and customer feedback, Kemin created its multi-faceted Gut Health Triple Check approach to provide a broad platform of solutions. The Kemin Gut Health Solutions program encompasses many health priorities, such as nutrient digestion and absorption, metabolism and energy generation and more. Proper gut health leads to the absence, prevention and avoidance of disease.

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