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What is feed quality? High-quality animal feed is judged on the basis of its nutritional value and visual appearance. Maintaining the nutritional value and quality of feed takes more than just proper handling and storage practices. To maintain feed value, producers must look for additional solutions such as fat and oil stabilizers, acid preservatives for hay, grain storage preservatives and forage inoculants.

Maintain Finished Animal Feed Integrity

Livestock and poultry producers, as well as feed manufacturers, spend a great deal of time and money ensuring feed and feed ingredients reach animals at their optimum quality. To help producers and feed manufacturers in maintaining finished animal feed integrity, Kemin has worked hard to create solutions which aid this goal. By researching and developing a variety of blended organic acids, antioxidant formulations and more, Kemin offers an extensive line of products to help preserve feed quality and prevent growth of spoilage organisms. 

Forage Preservation and Grain Storage Treatments

After forages and grains are grown and harvested, it often takes an extended period before they reach an animal feeder. There are several steps through which a crop may be transported, stored and processed, all while accumulating losses in quality, quantity and nutrient content. All these losses build up. This results in a significant revenue loss for the producer and the end user. Regardless of how many stages there are in the supply chain, it is important to take extra precautions to maintain feed value. When prolonged storage of feed products is expected, feed preservatives and mold control are often used to help preserve and maintain quality. 

Solution Examples

  • Organic acids in feed
  • Acid treatments for hay
  • Flaked grain processing aids
  • Grain storage treatments
  • Mold inhibitors
  • Silage preservatives

Stabilization of Fats and Oils

The preservation of fat quality in feed and in the fat tank is essential. Many producers and feed formulators are concerned about variability and stability of fats and oils. Variability in quality complicates ration formulations. Unfortunately, variability is quite common. This can affect the energy available after animals consume the feed, resulting in poor performance. Stability is a concern when fats and oils are stored for extended periods before use and are often heated to improve handling.

To prevent fat and oil oxidation in finished products, antioxidants are added. When treating ingredients to stabilize fats and oils in feed, identifying the correct antioxidant for your application can be the difference between success and failure. Common antioxidants used to provide oxidative stability include:

  • Butylated hydroxyanisol (BHA)
  • Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)
  • Ethoxyquin
  • Propyl gallate
  • Tertiary butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ)
  • Tocopherols

Safeguarding Feed Quality

Kemin continues to create innovative products to help producers maintain the nutritional value of feed. Kemin has over 50 years of research, development and product use experience in the animal feed industry. Safeguarding feed quality starts when raw materials arrive at the feed mill and continues through manufacturing and storage. Nutritionists carefully formulate diets to meet animal growth and performance requirements and rely on the feed mill to supply the highest quality ingredients.

Kemin is a worldwide pioneer in the use of blended organic acids and has become an authoritative name with years of experience helping customers maintain feed value within the feed industry. Since committing to the prestigious Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) benchmarked certifications at its Des Moines, Iowa, manufacturing facility in February 2013, Kemin has also remained a leader in the production of safe, quality ingredients.

Kemin Feed Quality Platform and Product Solutions

Adding Kemin Feed Quality solutions can prolong feed shelf-life, save on production costs and improve storage success. Partnering with Kemin means complete support from the Kemin Technical Support Team. Our team can offer customized product solutions, ensuring you receive the protection you need. 

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