Grain Storage Treatments

Preventing mold growth after harvest and during storage is essential to retaining grain quality and preserving nutritional value. Nothing can be done to improve the actual quality of grain in storage, so maintaining the quality that exists at the time of harvest is the goal. Preventing mold growth not only helps preserve nutrients, it can help reduce the formation of harmful mycotoxins.

To combat these issues, Kemin created cost-effective solutions such as flaked grain treatments and grain storage preservatives to prevent mold growth. Kemin is recognized in the feed industry for pioneering the use of blended organic acids to control mold and wild yeast growth. Over the years, Kemin has thoroughly tested, evaluated and perfected various combinations to arrive at cutting-edge products like Myco CURB®, Grain SHIELD® and MYCOFLAKE?.

Protect Crops with Kemin Grain Storage Solutions

Treating crops with grain storage preservatives before short- and long-term storage helps prevent grain mold and the bridging of grain. Treating grain before loading at port locations helps it arrive in a better condition when exported. Additionally, treated grain often carries a premium price when sold in international markets. 

Myco CURB® Liquid and Myco CURB® Dry

Since Kemin launched Myco CURB in the 1980's, this non-corrosive mold inhibitor changed how feed and feed ingredients have come to be handled. By controlling spoilage organisms, Myco CURB initially gave meat, milk and egg producers one of the most powerful management tools ever seen on the market and its only improved with the support of the Kemin Product Application Division (PAD). By applying Myco CURB with the correct application equipment, product efficacy is significantly improved. Producers are able to reduce nutrient losses using these grain storage treatments while maintaining quality in animal production operations.

Myco CURB is made from a blend of organic acids. The acid combination in this product helps prevent grain mold in stored grain, processed feed ingredients, complete feed and total mixed rations (TMR). Myco CURB contains propionic acid blended with sorbic and benzoic acid. In addition to this proprietary blend of acids, Myco CURB also contains surfactant technology and is buffered for equipment and employee safety.

Grain SHIELD® Liquid

Grain SHIELD Liquid is an EPA-registered fungicide for the control of molds and fungi in grains like oats, corn, barley, wheat and sorghum. Grain SHIELD Liquid contains a guaranteed 72 percent propionic acid combined with acetic, benzoic and sorbic acids. This acid combination prevents yeast and mold growth in grain intended for resale. 

Using Grain SHIELD as a corn crop preservative will help maintain nutritive and quality of corn in covered or open storage situations.


MYCOFLAKE is a liquid surfactant used to help moisture penetrate grain prior to the steam flaking process. This flaked grain treatment technology maximizes the efficiency of steaming. MYCOFLAKE is a combination of multiple organic acids and surfactants, including sarsaponin, and is buffered for improved equipment and employee safety. It will also ensure a good, quality flake with optimum moisture retention. MYCOFLAKE aids in the production of thinner, larger grain flakes with increased surface area, increased weight after processing and fewer fines in the bunk. A flaked grain treatment like MYCOFLAKE can help to increase production, extended roller life and reduce energy use.

Kemin—Your Trusted Support System

Molds, fungi and wild yeast growth in grains cause nutrient and quality losses for crop and livestock producers. The risks associated with mold growth and insect infestation and the resulting losses due to shrinkage are always lurking overhead. For this reason, the Kemin team is continuously working to understand these problems and invest in research and development efforts to stay ahead of the latest issues brought to us by industry experts. Every Kemin product is backed by unwavering support from our dedicated sales team, scientists and product application experts.

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