The Importance of Fat and Oil Quality Management

Managing fat quality is incredibly important to animal performance and your operation’s bottom line. Feed formulations today contain diverse lipid sources, including animal fats, vegetable oils, blended fats and by-product oils. These sources may vary not only in physical and chemical properties, but also in their susceptibility to oxidation – a major cause of decreased fat quality. These variables complicate the formulation of feed rations because it is difficult to evaluate how much oxidation is affecting the digestible energy value and nutrient availability to animals in your operation. It’s therefore no surprise that feed mill managers and nutritionists say their main concerns regarding fat and oil stabilization are quality, variability and value.

Proper management starts with the purchasing of high-quality fat. By evaluating fat and oil quality, producers can begin to minimize the impact of lipid variability on their feed formulations. Additionally, implementation of an antioxidant system to delay the onset of oxidation can help producers stabilize and prolong the shelf-life of their lipid source. To help producers combat the challenges of lipid variability and oxidation, Kemin has developed research-backed natural and synthetic antioxidant systems for fats, oils and complete feeds in both dry and liquid formulas. Additionally, Kemin Customer Laboratory Services (CLS) team is able evaluate the quality of various fats and oils to help ensure final diets provide the energy and nutrients needed for optimal animal performance.



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Evaluating the Quality of Fats and Oils with Kemin

Raw material quality assessment is essential to avoid unwanted nutritional variations and maximize feed quality. To better assess the quality of the fats and oils used in feed, Kemin offers a LIPID EVALUATION TEST service for their customers. Kemin CLS uses their technical expertise to provide animal nutritionists with an accurate assessment of the quality of their fats or oils by confirming the oxidative status and oxidative potential of those lipid sources. Defining these key factors provides an understanding of the rancidity and overall quality of the lipid source, and ultimately, the finished feed product. 

Kemin CLS enables our customers to improve quality and overall performance by determining what action is needed to stabilize fats and oils in their feed. Stabilization of added lipid sources with antioxidant systems helps retain the energy concentration of expensive ingredients to protect profits. Whether your fat quality needs include ingredient and product trouble shooting, supplier validation or product development assistance, our dedicated Kemin CLS analytical laboratory is here to support our customers throughout all phases of the purchasing and product usage process. To see how Kemin CLS can help you manage fat and oil quality, please download our CLS brochure or contact your Kemin representative.

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Antioxidant Solutions for Preserving Fat Quality

With more than 50 years of research and development experience in the animal feed industry, Kemin antioxidant systems provide a more efficacious stability solution for various types of fat and oils over single-component antioxidants. Kemin antioxidant solutions contain a synergistic blend of antioxidants to absorb free radicals, metal chelators to bind metal ions and oil-based carriers to ensure optimal homogeneity in the fat or feed matrix. The Kemin antioxidant portfolio includes research-backed natural and synthetic antioxidant systems for fats, oils and complete feeds in both dry and liquid formulas.

RENDOX® – For Fats and Oils

When attempting to stabilize fats and oils in feed, identifying the correct antioxidant for the fat or oil can be the difference between success and failure. A number of synthetic antioxidants are used to provide oxidative stability to fats and oils, but Kemin scientists recognize that different synthetic antioxidants have different capabilities to effectively control autoxidation in different fat types.

To provide our customers with maximum protection from fat and oil oxidation, Kemin offers an entire line of liquid antioxidants under the brand name RENDOX. RENDOX liquid antioxidants are formulated specifically for treating commonly used rendered fats and oils. Each RENDOX product contains a unique, synergistic blend of synthetic antioxidants, metal chelators and oil-based carriers, which help prevent lipid oxidation thereby prolonging shelf-life and ensuring fats and oils maintain their optimal nutritional value and palatability. Whether you use animal fats, vegetable oils or blended fats, there is a RENDOX product available for you.

ENDOX® – For Feed and Feed Premixes

Antioxidant activity in feed is a "contact sport," so it is essential to ensure a homogeneous distribution of antioxidant activity in the feed matrix. ENDOX brand antioxidants are produced using a proprietary manufacturing process and formulated specifically for the treatment of finished feeds (ENDOX® Dry) and premixes (ENDOX® 5X). Each ENDOX product is a combination of an inert carrier coated with a synergistic blend of synthetic antioxidants, metal chelators and surfactants, which allows for more homogeneous distribution of antioxidants throughout feed to protect feed from fat oxidation, vitamin degradation and more.

NATUROX® – For Natural and Specialty Programs

As markets for organic and all-natural livestock and poultry meat increase, the need to protect your investment in feed ingredients becomes even more imperative to success. NATUROX is a synergestic blend of natural-mixed tocopherols for superior free radical absorption, plus emulsifiers and chelators for complete protection against autoxidation. Recognized as the industry-leading, natural antioxidant system for livestock feed, NATUROX offers a complete line of liquid and dry products to stabilize a wide variety of fats and feeds.

Non-GMO, organic-compliant and other specialty products are available upon request.

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