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2018 KEMTalk Series: Equine Gut Health Solutions

As an industry, we know that leaky gut is the most impactful problem veterinarians and horse owners face. Kemin seeks to better understand the factors contributing to leaky gut by collaborating with experts from the science and research communities. Through the KEMTalk Series, we will explore and share new, cutting-edge research that has the potential to impact equine leaky gut in your stables, and around the world. 

In Case You Missed It

Please explore previous presentations from the KEMTalk Series:

Microbiome: From Lab to Stable

June 22, 2018


Dr. Bill Vandergrift

Equine Nutrition Consultant, CEO


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Effect of NSAIDS on Gastric Ulceration, Markers of Intestinal Inflammation, and Fecal Microbiota in Horses

May 18, 2018


Dr. Canaan Whitfield

Associate Professor of Large Animal Surgery

Texas A&M University

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Microbiome 101

April 20, 2018


Dr. Shannon Pratt-Phillips

Associate Professor

North Carolina State University

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Leaky Gut: Symptoms, Causes and Nutritional Approaches to Ameliorate

March 9, 2018


Dr. Bill Vandergrift

Equine Nutrtion Consultant, CEO


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How Stress and Leaky Gut are Related

February 16, 2018


Dr. Lance Baumgard

Norman L. Jacobson Endowed Professor in Dairy Nutrition

Iowa State University

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Alterations in Intestinal Permeability: The Role of the "Leaky Gut" in Health and Disease

January 19, 2018


Dr. Liara Gonzalez

Assistant Professor of Gastroenterology and Equine Surgery

North Carolina State University

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