Our Company Purpose

Simply put, at Kemin, we use science to improve the world. Our mission and vision are core to this and propel us forward on this exciting journey.

Our mission is to be the ultimate partner for our customers and to not only fulfill their needs, but to exceed expectations while achieving mutually profitable results.
We fulfill our mission by hiring the best talent and experts in the field who place the needs of our customers first, create innovative and life-changing science at the molecular level, and continuously improve our teams, our processes and our products.

Our vision is bold, audacious and engrained in everything we do at Kemin. We strive to sustainably transform the quality of life every day for 80 percent of the world with our products and services.

The Kemin vision started when our president and CEO, Dr. Chris Nelson, was an undergraduate considering his future career. As a future Ph.D. scientist, the ability to quantify his work, even when talking about improving the world, was vital. He dreamed of being able to look back on his life knowing he had a very large impact on the quality of human life. When he joined Kemin he knew this company founded by his entrepreneurial parents would be his way to achieve this.

We don’t just talk about our vision, we measure it, every day. If you visit any of our global campuses, you’ll notice digital counters that calculate the number of people positively impacted by a Kemin ingredient each day based on the volume of our ingredients sold and used in products consumed by people, pets and animals.

Why is our vision important?
We are in a race with the global population growth to find molecular solutions that will ensure nutritious, affordable and safe food is available to the 9.5+ billion people projected to live on our planet in 2050. We will not only need to produce more food, we will need to do so using less resources in order to protect and preserve the environment for generations to come. In addition, we want to ensure that people around the world have access to important nutrients to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.

Although our time on Earth is limited, the impact we leave on the world doesn’t have to be. We look for potential employees that want to make a lasting and positive contribution to the planet for generations to come. Is this you? Search for jobs today!


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