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Silage SAVOR® Liquid Silage Preservative

Silage SAVOR® Liquid preservative helps prevent mold and wild yeast growth in ensiled crops. The multiple acid combination of Silage SAVOR Liquid provides rapid acidification of forages and inhibits micro-organisms that can cause dry matter loss and lower protein quality when excessive heat is produced.

By reducing the number of micro-organisms in silage, Silage SAVOR Liquid helps to preserve quality of otherwise difficult to ensile forages such as late harvest, forage which are too dry, too damp, frozen or affected by disease or inclement weather. It also allows feeding of freshly harvested, non-fermented forages (green chop) by minimizing mold and wild yeast growth. Finally, Silage SAVOR Liquid helps prevent secondary fermentation and heat production when moving forages from primary to secondary or temporary storage.

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