Our scientists and ingredient specialists leverage their expertise in the hydrolysis process to formulate our PROSURANCE line of high-quality, spray-dried products and low molecular weight products that are used throughout the petfood industry.

Spray-Dried Protein and Protein Hydrolysates for Pet Food

Spray-dried protein and protein hydrolysate ingredients are common in formulations used within the petfood industry. Spray-dried protein sources contribute to the flavor profile and nutritional content of dog and cat food, treats and other consumable pet products.

PROSURANCE™ Proteins for Pet Food

Kemin is a leading manufacturer of spray-dried proteins and protein hydrolysates. Our extensive protein portfolio includes a range of spray-dried liver and meat products, spray-dried liver and meat hydrolysates and specialty spray-dried products. Kemin offers products that utilize quality ingredients to support palatability and freshness.

The PROSURANCE line of spray dried protein products provide high quality protein for companion animal diets. Our formulas are derived from protein and fat sourced from meat and meat by-products. Our formulas are important nutritional additives used in pet food, treats and other consumable pet products.

Kemin Spray-Dried Protein Product Offerings:

  • Spray-Dried Chicken Liver
  • Spray-Dried Pork Liver
  • Spray-Dried Duck and Pea


Pet owners are increasingly looking to address pet digestive sensitivities with hypoallergenic petfood diets. As a result, petfood manufacturers are incorporating ingredients that are effective and easily digestible. Protein hydrolysates may be used in specialty diets or in diets containing novel sources of proteins—such as salmon, rabbit, duck, potato, whitefish or peas.

Hydrolysis occurs when high molecular weight protein starting material is broken down into smaller molecular weight components, either by enzyme or acid hydrolysis. The smaller protein molecular weight (MW) profile may support a healthy intestinal and digestive system. Supporting a healthy digestive system may also support skin and coat.

PROSURANCE.HD - Protein Hydrolysates

At Kemin, we use our expertise in the hydrolysis process to formulate our PROSURANCE.HD line of high quality, spray-dried protein hydrolysates. The PROSURANCE.HD product line was designed for use in petfood formulations as an additional source of significant low molecular weight protein.

Kemin’s chicken liver hydrolysate, PROSURANCE CHX Liver.HD, can be used in petfood formulations to provide the benefits of protein in a smaller, easily digestible molecular size.


Additional Features and Benefits

Not all proteins are created equal. PROSURANCE.HD includes:

  • High quality animal protein
  • Improved palatability
  • Balanced nutrient absorption and digestibility
  • Reliable hydrolysate sourcing
  • Single animal protein source
  • Export Compliant options available
  • Lower ash content than acid hydrolyzed protein sources

Specialty Spray-Dried Products

Kemin’s palatant production and spray-drying facility in Verona, Missouri is available for the manufacture of customer-specific spray-dried products. Kemin combines spray-drying and hydrolysis expertise with our commitment to customer service to partner in the identification of palatability and nutritional solutions. As a part of Kemin’s commitment to quality, our production facilities meet customer ISO, HALAL and EU certification requirements.

The Kemin Technical Service and Customer Laboratory Service (CLS) teams are your palatability and protein partners throughout the petfood manufacturing process. Our experienced team of experts is available to provide technical advice, vendor assurance and laboratory testing to meet customer specifications provide optimum protein sources for your petfood diets.

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