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Myco CURB® Liquid Mold Inhibitor

Myco CURB® Liquid mold inhibitor is a 3-acid combination, which improves the protective coverage against micro-organisms including mold, wild yeast, fungi and at higher inclusion levels, certain other organisms.1

Application of Myco CURB Liquid helps maintain the nutritive and quality value of grains, ingredients and complete feeds, including total mixed rations. Myco CURB Liquid is also used to reduce mold contamination from whole grain into complete feeds.

The buffering agents used in Myco CURB Liquid are an effective and safer alternative to corrosive, unbuffered propionic acid alone.

Myco CURB® Dry Mold Inhibitor

Myco CURB® Dry mold inhibitor helps to prevent mold growth in grain and other ingredients fed to livestock. By controlling mold growth, Myco CURB Dry can help reduce nutrient and quality losses in feed and feed ingredients. The application of Myco CURB Dry also preserves feed and feed ingredients stored for long term and helps maintain product freshness.

When added to a TMR for cattle, Myco CURB Dry helps prevent growth of spoilage organisms and reduce feed refusal. When used to treat grain, meat and bone meal and protein meal, Myco CURB Dry can help prevent mold growth and maintain nutritive and feed quality.

Myco CURB Dry offers a convenient way to apply mold inhibitor to feed when liquid application equipment is unavailable.



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