KemTRACE® Chromium: Your Tool to Counter Heat Stress



In Canada, heat stress can cause milk loss up to 3.5 kg/day.1 The inability of a cow to dissipate heat effectively compromises their ability to function normally.2 Evidence suggests insulin action is a key component of heat stress response.3 Chromium supplementation has been shown to:


  • Increase insulin sensitivity and glucose utilization4
  • Improve dry matter intake (DMI) in heat stressed cows5
  • Improve DMI during heat stress to help maintain milk production5



Heat Stress


Supplemental Chromium Impacts Milk Yield During Heat Stress

Supplemental Chromium Impacts Milk Yield during Heat Stress

Response in daily milk yield, kg/h/d and dry matter intake, kg/h/d compared to the control within the study.
*Denotes significant difference from control.

Figure 1. Effect of chromium supplementation in lactating dairy cow diets on response in daily milk yield and dry matter intake, kg/h/d under heat stress conditions.

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