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KALLSIL Dry is a hydrated sodium calcium alumniosilicate mineral with demonstrated moisture holding capacity. When incorporated into feed and feed ingredients, KALLSIL Dry helps improve the flow of the feed. One of the biggest reasons why feed bridges or clumps inside feeders is moisture. By sequestering the moisture found in feed, KALLSIL can help keep feed free-flowing and potentially reduce the number of out-of-feed events.

KALLSIL contains a mineral called zeolite. Zeolite is characterized by its ability to lose or receive water and change cations without major changes in the structure. Research has demonstrated that the inclusion of clinoptilolite in broiler and swine diets resulted in improved performance in the presence of certain mycotoxins.1




1Papaioannou, D., P. D. Katsoulos, N. Panousis, H. Karatzias. 2005. The role of natural and synthetic zeolites as feed additives on the prevention and/or treatment of certain farm animal diseases: A review. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials. 84:161-170.

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